I have kept a diary since I was 9 years old, a little secret place I can write my thoughts, feelings and dream my dreams. A beautiful place to share my deepest thought. When I was 24 I destroyed years of them, because I could no longer keep them and didn’t want my secrets revealed to anyone so I got rid of them forever. I made a little bon fire on the grass and I recall my mum coming outside and wondering what ritual I was up to. Seemed the right thing to do at the time. It wasn’t the end of my diary writing but the end of an era. My childhood was over and I was moving onto the big world of adult.

Many years later  I started again, writing a diary and using a journal to express, imagine, create and most importantly give thanks. It is recording the things I am grateful for daily that helps me generate appreciation and more gratitude in my life.


My grand fathers leather note book cover and my journal.

Huffpost wrote about keeping a gratitude diary recently and reminded me of how recording all you’re grateful for before bedtime is a useful tool for peaceful and positive reflection before sleep, settling the mind, relaxing the body and is a rather meditative experience. It allows your mind to catalogue your most precious experiences and relationships and feel a deep sense of contentment as apposed to the need and longing of materialism.

Here are some things that expressing gratitude in a journal can do for you according to psychology research!

  • Increase positive and light emotional body and sustain it.
  • Protect you from stress and negativity.
  • Reduce your need for materialism.
  • Increase your social intelligence.
  • Give you better relationships.
  • Make you sexier, yes gratitude makes you more attractive.
  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Makes you make better decisions and increases your will power.
  • Makes other better because those we thank become more ethical too.
  • Makes the world kinder, when you make a point of expressing gratitude you are sharing it with another.


A diary is not the only way to express gratitude, reading gratitude quotes, a short gratitude meditation or watching some gratitude video will always leave you feeling more gracious.

This is my baby girl and she always reminds me that a gentle heart is the key to grace, she also got the families first A in her math report and I think that is pretty special!



Estelle and I.



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