Thank you to everyone who attended The Mindful Workshop on Saturday, we had a great morning and everyone gave feedback on how peaceful calm and informative it was. I really enjoy holding space for these groups and looking forward to doing this more. There are two more dates for The Mindful Workshop 13/8 and 27/8 so please tell your friends if they are curious and want an intro into Mindfulness.
I have decided Wednesdays Practice Class at 11am-12pm is going to be by booking only. It’s available every week except school holidays and you can email me to let me know you’re coming or book your cushion via the website gateway.  It’s still FREE for first timers, $25 REG and $15 Students and will be available to all existing clients as part of their packages, just have to let me know you’re coming prior! Thank you kindly.
Due to demand I have just launched Mindfulness Room  which is the big sister brand to Melbourne Coach and servicing the workplace with Mindfulness Courses and Workshops. I have been in talks with an amazing team of experienced teachers in Melbourne and Sydney and will be expanding in 2017.


Sleep deprivation is at an epidemic level but there are a few ways to improve your bedtime routine to ensure you get a good night sleep and it’s all completely natural.

  • Start by switching your phone onto silent and charging it in another room, make the commitment to check it one last time and then unplug for the night.
  • Have a hot drink, sip and savour and stretch your body out and scan through it with awareness winding down from the activities of the day and honouring your sensations compassionately. I always watch my cat do this and emulate his approach.
  • Keep your bedroom space uncluttered and see it as a place of retreat and sanctuary so when you retire for the night you get in the practice of restoration and nurture.
  • I have Meditation Music with brainwave entrainment frequency on the website you can download as MP3 and listen with headphones. My children’s dad used this technology with meditation to cure insomnia years ago and back then it inspired me to develop my own series with an entrainment expert in the USA named Craig Tice. The technology helps lower the brainwaves to deep meditative states and you’ll be dreaming before you know it.

Going deep in Mindfulness: 6 WEEK COURSE

Over the past couple of years I have facilitated many beginner workshops giving my participants a taste of what mindfulness experience is while working one on one with individuals privately. Now I have designed a 6 week course to give groups the opportunity to go deeper and explore mind, body and emotion interpersonally with principles, more practices and support of an experienced teacher over a period of 6 weeks. There is evidence to suggest Mindfulness learning can be more effective when paced over time and practiced everyday and this course will guide you as you learn valuable skills for life.
The 6 week Mindfulness Course can help you reduce stress, anxiety and depression, build more confidence and self awareness, have less negative thinking, develop resiliency, improve relationships, engagement in life and work and find meaning and purpose in your experiences.
This course can be transformational and give you tools for growth, change and healing and with the world in such stressful times I think this is timely opportunity to connect with your own wellbeing and community.
Spaces are limited for this workshop I am running at my Hawthorn practice so to find out more and book your place visit the website. All bookings powered by Eventbrite
Date & Time:
Week 1. 26th September 7-8.30pm
Week 2. 3rd October 7-8.30pm
Week 3. 10 October 7-8.30pm
Week 4: 17 October 7-8.30pm
Week 5: 24th October 7-8.30pm
Week 6: 31st October 7-8.30pm
Cost is: $356
You’ll receive a workbook, downloadable guided meditation MP3, refreshments and home practice guide for the duration of the course you will also have free admittance to the Wednesday practice group.
Everyone is welcome to bring their own fav cushions, yoga mat and blankets but cushions and mats will be provides as well as seats.


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