Gizmos and Gremlins co-exist in us all, Gizmo is a good gremlin, the loving, kind, gentle one who lives happy, safely protected from bad, not hurting anyone and enjoying life.

But if not treated right, cared for and loved, Gizmo can turn bad, and the gremlins will multiply and a cycle of havoc and chaos appears in your world, ruining and hurting everything in its path.

Everyone alive has good days and bad days, we all have our strengths and weakness and it is only when we become mindfully aware of our thought cycles and behavioural patterns can we really begin to adjust ourselves internally to successfully direct and create an intentional life.

How can we begin to do this? Cultivating awareness of what is going on in our thoughts, bodies and emotions is a good start. Mindfulness is about being able to see the thoughts that flicker through our mind, recognise the emotional reactions (based on memory) that move through our bodies and experience life through the senses in the present moment without the filters of memory determining the outcome.

Positive thinking is not only about saying ‘today is a good day’ to yourself five times in the morning when you look in the mirror, it is about recognising when someone tells you something negative and letting that be ok because it is not about you. It is important to catch gremlins, negative feedback or negative thoughts instantly before your analytic mind attaches to them. Catching a negative thought we can use many approaches, visually kicking such thoughts is the ass, maybe a tactile anchoring clap of the hands, a huge smile, laugh, or some good old fashioned deep breaths and a quiet word with yourself.


‘I recognise you gremlin and  because you have shown up I am going to work extra hard today on the things I love and know you are just a reminder to love myself more’

Speaking to our selves in a kind, loving and gentle voice is the only way to approach changing our minds toward more positive, you can’t fix negative people, emotions, thoughts. Gremlins are gremlins, they are not Gizmo’s, you can’t remove negative thoughts, you can’t run away from negative thoughts, you can’t fix negative people they will always exist because the brain is a radio transmitter and will always have mental chatter and we don’t live in a perfect world. This is the HUMAN condition. Gizmo’s and Gremlins are life.

The more we try to fix negative thoughts the more we get lead on a downward spiral that if left unchecked is really unhealthy, chaotic and can end up in illness such as depression or anxiety or addiction in an attempt to numb pain. We could spend a lifetime worrying about something and trying to fix it but nothing can be fixed by focusing on what is wrong. Repressing gremlins is also toxic and can cause build up within that green goo turning into lifestyle illness in the physical body.  Let emotion flow as our bodies were designed for this, our heart loves to pump and our mind needs to let it all be natural, the more you let flow the quicker the intensity of storms ease off. The less we try and analyse the gremlins the faster the emotion will travel and disappear without being stuck in a cycle.

Instead of trying to fix negative thoughts or even try and understand them because when do that we then become involved, try to become aware, this means looking at them from a distance, with the breath and mind focus on creating a relaxed body and get some space on thoughts and emotions. Gizmos and gremlins both want love but only one feels good and is love. When we are relaxed in our body we can notice Gizmos and gremlins without attachment or personalisation and direct our thought toward positive and those thoughts aligned intentionally with our desire. What makes us feel GOOD!

When we practice this we become better at it, less reactive to the outside world, we will then begin to notice things in our environment more aligned with our positive perspective and move towards those. Negative things and people slip away and have no impact on us because we are positive and attracting like-minded people and experiences naturally.

It is like a ripple effect, and at first the gremlins will fight for supremacy of your mind especially if you have years of conditioning or self sabotage to undo or have been conditioned as a child to react to the outside world because of trauma but with creative relaxation technique like mindfulness, behavioural modifications and using your self loving voice there no longer need be a war in your head, and the gremlin can co-exist quietly popping up only now and then to remind you to love yourself MORE just with the volume turned right down low! Let Gizmo take the wheel and drive yourself forward with LOVE.






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