Our lives are getting too easy with all the new technology but keeping your body challenged gets harder as time and lifestyle demands get stacked on us more everyday. Bianca a motivated Personal Trainer and director of Blue Sky Fitness has come up with a great new solution to fit some exercise into your day, no matter where or what you’re doing you’ll find a way!

Enter #getmoving 

‘At BSF, we’re all about making health and fitness-‘

Fast & Effective

The #getmoving campaign uses digital platforms to provide quick and effective workouts that can be done ANYWHERE!…It may be for the corporate traveller in a hotel suite, or for a mum who wishes to sneak a workout in whilst baby sleeps…..we can’t all get to the gym, nor pay horrendous membership fees, and we don’t all necessarily feel comfortable in a gym culture which is now crowded with ‘teenagers’ working as Personal Trainers, often caught flexing their muscles in the mirror when supposedly providing a safe training program to their client!….

‘I’m a mum and I get it! I run a successful well established Fitness Company in Bayside Melbourne, Blue Sky Fitness (BSF), my staff are all highly trained, we are all mums and we are all about being STRONG not SKINNY’

My mission in this campaign is to reach as many people as possible and to simply get them moving! Just as the hashtag suggests.

Featured are some of the workouts which have already landed in the homes of people around the world via social media……by mums for mums, bubs, bumps and partners…pets too! We encourage the entire family to get active and use the environment they are in to achieve fitness!

Get excited about your fitness and connect with #getmoving @ FB IG TWITTER


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