Using tools and metrics in coaching is a great way to increase self awareness, measure results and improve your strategy. Good tools can inform the coaching process and help bring clarity to exisiting behavioural patterns, beliefs and emotional patterns as well help you to be more intentional in your approach. They can also contribute valuable information to research! 

We’ve started a library of some effective coaching tools and will up date every time we discover a new one. If you’re new to coaching and thinking about getting coached the tools and resources menu in Melbourne Coach can be a very good place to start. Have a go, get your results and email us your goals when you’re ready to get started! 


Emotional Intelligence Test

This EI test will evaluate your emotional intelligence and suggest ways to improve it. Answer honestly, there is no judgments the whole reason for doing this is for greater self understanding. Once you finish the test you will receive a free snapshot report of the result.


Tony Robbins DISC Profiling Tool

Learn about your personality and what drives you, self awareness is essential to succeed in life and work. Identify what holds you back and align your true personality traits with achievement.


Positive Psychology Tests by Martin Seligman 

Dr Martin Seligman, the director of the University of Pensilvania offers many tools for measuring happiness and wellbeing. These tools are widely researched and offer practical ways to boost our wellbeing.


Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Greater Good Berkley research offers us a fun quiz to measure your EI and increase your self awareness. The website all has many other rich resources for personal and professional development.


Gratitude Quiz

The research shows the gratitude is linked with happiness. How grateful are you? Find out with the great quiz and discover some steps for brining even more gratitude into your life.


Compassionate Love Quiz

You might love your partner but do you love them compassionately? To find out more about compassionate love and to be a more compassionate partner take this quiz.


Self-compassion Exercises by Kristen Neff. 

Self-compassion is the same as having compassion for others. To have true compassion for others you must embody compassion. Kristen Neff the co-founder of Mindful Self Compassion shares with us some great exercises for practicing self compassion.


The 5 languages of love

Discover your love language, how you give love and how you like to experience receiving love. A great tool to help give you clarity on how to improve your relationships.

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