A lot people struggle to implement change, it’s why they come to coaching mostly. Or they make the changes but fail to make them stick getting real results, and reaching their goals and dreams. Getting stuck is frustrating but there is something you can do…

  • Begin by focusing on essentials, try having the self discipline to persist with activity that unlocks your own drive and potential.
  • Positive thinking is great but real action makes a difference, instead of learning the steps in theory, take action and experience them.
  • Find a support person, coach or mentor to guide you gently through the transition.
  • Keep a simple, structured approach to change.

A six week coaching package involves six weeks of one hour meetings where we begin a conversation about you, I have no agenda but the one you provide. Usually in the beginning we talk about where you are and where you want to be. This is usually the time you reveal your goals and we discover the gaps between them and you.

From there we look at the strategies needed to achieve the goals and the client will go away with home work and action plans to achieve them. We do a lot of work on values, and understanding the link between behaviour and core values, making them more congruent.


After a few sessions the client usually has some issues come up, they often are generated from self limiting beliefs or fears that are preventing them from moving forward or sometimes they realise that they didn’t truly value the goals and completely let it go. If they persist, the new goal drives them toward adjusting thoughts and as they modify their behaviour they begin to be more familiar with the new results and have less fear around the change.

The degree and speed to which a client moves through change is always up to them, through the coaching process we continue to measure the clients satisfaction with the process. The life balance wheel is a good way to measure before and after results in coaching and initially to determine what areas are strengths and weakness. There is a plethora of techniques clients can use from NLP, CBT, SFA and often I will give the client the choice in how we approach a session.

Recently I worked with an engineering student and here is what he had to say:

Working with Marion I have achieved many goals, when I came to her 12 weeks ago I was less confident and wanted to loose weight so I could join a gym and not feel embarrassed, I also was caught up in a lifestyle spiral of parties and not getting the grades I wanted to at school, my diet and life choices didn’t help either. 

What I discovered in coaching was my deepest values, I knew this but had forgotten in my life, my mum was always there as a motivator in high school and the uni experience I found a sense of belonging often came with peep pressure to drink and party. I still do sometimes but I have greater life balance now, my grades have improved and two weeks into coaching I had joined a gym, was riding my bike to uni and more confident in my choices even when faced with pressure to do things that might not help me achieve my goals.

It was great having a life coach, Marion helped me become more self aware, work out who I am and support me to make the changes! – Brandon 23.

If you are interested in Life Coaching, I practise from a room in Camberwell and sometimes even freelance at cafe’s over a latte! I am taking a few appointments over Winter despite my other work as a CEO of a creative agency and love working with young students, business people and creatives. I find this is the area I am most effective and can relate to and have the most to offer. If this is you and have some life goals you want help with, a lifestyle change, a business start up, unlocking greater creative potential or even personal coaching for business- I am your girl!

Contact Marion on 0423703960



Painting: Maripossa by Marion Miller.




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