Meditation in 2014 is not like the ancient ways of monks renouncing all material possession and sitting under a tree, we beings are busy and active and live very full lives. With business meetings, kids, work duties, basic necessities and social media our mind is constantly jammed with content and we are engaged with the outside world. Todays blog is about un-plugging from it all and being with yourself, cleansing your thoughts and bringing a state of peace and calm to your mind, body and spirit. Doing so helps you be a kinder, gentler, compassionate, smarter, creative, humbler person, and improves memory, circulation, and general health and wellbeing.

Try these five tips throughout your day and let me know how you go!

ONE: Zen Chant.

The other day my child couldn’t sleep, she was anxious about something and was unable to clear it from her mind, obsessing and going over and over it. We sat together for a bit and she asked how could she change her focus. I taught her about counting sheep, but i said pop your hands on your heart and when exhale say the words ‘relax’ and focus your attention on the rise and fall of your little chest with the words ‘relax.’ She did this and with her mind focussed on the bodies movement and words relax, before long she was blissfully drifting into what was a deep full nights sleep.


TWO: Drive yourself to Zen.

Sometimes you just need to leave the house, jump in the car and drive! Turn your phone off, tunes up and let nature pass you by while appreciating all that you see along the way. Make it your intention to be completely relaxed on this joy ride.

Road Trip

THREE: Washing Zen.

Bathing allows you to clean your physical body, removing all the toxic build up from your day. Let the water trickle over your body and sync your breath and mind into the flow of the water. Let the flow cleanse any negativity or content you no longer find useful and give you a sparkling new perspective. As you pull the plug imagine all the toxins disappearing forever down the hole.


FOUR: A cup of Zen.

During your morning coffee or tea break, take this time to truly savour the moment. Wrap your hands around your hot cup and feel the sensation on the skin. With a deep breath take a sip and experience the liquid enter your mouth and flow down into your tummy, notice the heat and how it makes your body feel. Notice the chemistry within your body as you begin to metabolise the drink. When you have swallowed breathe out letting go.

FIVE: Zen walk-a-about.

If you struggle with sitting still it maybe not your thing, approaching meditation with your own style is best. Walking meditation is a great way to calm, some people need the movement to find balance and calm. As you take each step, notice the way your body moves, look around you at the scenery and what do you see, hear the sounds, smells and remain in the moment, letting every step anchor you in the present.



Do you have any other ways you bring calm and peace into your day?

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