Being an empowered woman means you are in control of your life, mindful of your actions and the results you are getting and able to move yourself and life in the direction you choose to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals.

What makes a woman empowered? It is not always that easy when in society the default gender conditioning position of control has been given to men because of superior physical strength but the tides are changing and women’s strengths are now valued more than ever and we are standing up for our selves and taking responsibility for controlling our own lives with HEART.

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Four important coaching tips for empowerment are:

1.  Know who you are and what you want! Take the time to understand your core values, passions, boundaries, strengths and weakness and use this knowledge to determine your behaviours and what you spend your time doing. This will make your actions more worthwhile and effective and build integrity in your character. Aligning your desires with your core values and form congruency with your strengths will help your achievements be meaningful and purposeful.

2. Be independent. Being comfortable with who you are and knowing you can face situations alone is an empowering feeling. Having time on your own not only strengthens your resolve but energises your spirit. Even if you have a partner spend quality time doing things you love for you and maintain your sense of individualism and independence.

3. Dream Big. Believe no dream you truly desire is too big or unattainable. Know you can set out to accomplish anything you put your mind to, being persistent, smart and believing in yourself. Make vision boards, plans, keep a journal and make your dreams manifest reality but most importantly take action, dreams don’t achieve themselves they take big action. An empowered women has the power to turn dreams into life. Listen to your heart, it knows what to do and do it.

4. Make connections. Make connections deeply both personally and professionally. Growing your character is all about building relationships. Make a network of people you can count on for positive and honest feedback and help with your projects. An empowered women knows she can’t do it all alone and part of the journey of building big dreams is providing for others to be part of the growth of a project and in turn you become a better person from the experience.

There are many more ways to become an empowered woman and in coaching we explore them all from personal values and strengths, building resiliency and leadership qualities to becoming self aware and mindful. This is the ground work for any women in a leadership role. Todays four tips in the blog are areas you can begin to work on and if you want to go deeper in coaching, one on one try a no obligation intro coaching session to get you started on your personal or professional development.



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