Efficiency in leadership rule no 1!

Stop putting out fires!

Someone who regularly steps in to solve problems for others is not only creating dependency, they are not actually helping the other person build confidence, efficiency and resiliency. They are just training the other people to bring problems to them and providing a scape goat for people to take responsibility and accountability for their own issues which can decode a dysfunctional cycle. This will eventually lead to BURN OUT and is not a sustainable approach to life.

A more effective way is to develop peoples confidence and problem solving abilities, asking a simple question in this situation: What are you going to do about it? This one question alone invites solution focussed thinking, turns the responsibility for finding solutions back on the person with the problem and allows them to dig deeper into their own resourcefulness. Doing this will develop self confidence, reveal to them their own unique way of moving towards solutions that when discovered will be insightfully permanent because they were self generated. And a stepping stone to genuine personal growth.

To develop efficiency in leadership ask exception questions like, When in the past has there been an exception to this? This also helps the person look for examples in the past that are contrary to the current problematic situation and when they remeber evidence of this it helps them have faith they can find a solution.

Believing people are whole, resourceful and capable is also very important is helping others realise their potential. Looking at someone like a victim, incapable, damaged or unable to do for themselves only breeds lack of confidence and unwillingness to try. So check your perspective first when dealing with people and make sure you are not limiting someone by your own percieved limitations of them. Having faith in others full potential may just give them the unconditional space they need to reach it.


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