By the time it takes you to sit and drink a relaxing cup of tea today you can create an action plan for the next seven days of success, drinking tea allows you to get into a reflective and mindful space for this activity. Let’s drink to your success.

Using dot points in you iPhone Notes app or Calendar app (with alerts for specific times and days), try a little coaching tool I use every week to keep me on track with building my business and family life.

SMART GOALS include specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timeframes elements making each goal an actionable plan for your week ahead.

The goals all lead toward a larger vision that captures your strengths and values and if you discover a way to make each goal an enjoyable activity you have found the key to motivation, tapping into positive emotion driving you with hope toward the future.

A good mixture of must dos (obligations), self care and creative goals that build upon your existing reality and allow for change. In business make sure a large portion of your goals are creating income streams that will allow you the freedom to grow your business and provide greater value. Family goals that achieve better connection, communication and teamwork help keep your whole life in balance.

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Editor: Marion Miller

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