Finally the wedding day arrived in Tuscany and slowly but surely the guest began to emerge from their rooms bright and early in what was already beginning to feel like a perfectly sunny day. We had spent the day before at sea and a late night dinner in Lucca before a two and half hour drive home so there was much to prepare last minute!
My room which was a typical country style girls room with canopy bed, vintage style dresser and antiques, a wooden window that opened up with curtains and blinds was the place the girls would get ready.
We decided the bride would have a Grecian look after playing around with a few different styles we picked some brunette hair extensions to add volume and length. I back combed sections added in the extensions and used some white flowers to pin up the back into a sweeping gather at the back, we used a straightening iron to achieve a sleek sexy Euro look!
The dress was silk satin and designer couture, strapless and she wore strappy silver shoes. The dress was beige with a slight pink champagne hue. The bridesmaids ( me included) wore Review antique rose dresses with petal like layering and silver heels. Miss T had her hair in a French roll, with some curls and flowers. My hair was curled and pink roses swept back on one side.
The make up artist from Siennna arrived, a young girl with an amazing kit. She made us up in the latest looks, Miss K mocking she was the ‘Euro Vision’ It was quite heavy make up but after a few tissues I toned it back to what I was comfortable with.
All dressed and ready to go on schedule we left at 11.30 heading for Sienna town hall. We arrived in Sienna and got lost inside the walls and ended up down these narrow pedestrian filled streets almost an hour late! What wedding is complete with out some drama!
It was kind of exciting because after a while we got out and walked. Bride, bridesmaids and close family now traveling on foot through the cobblestone streets, me in stiletto style heels! Thanks heavens for Kisten’s dad Vic who helped me or I would have fallen many times.
We arrived at the hall on one piece and the guys looked great, all wearing light colored suits all slightly different, summer styles.
A civil celebrant from Sienna and their Swiss cousin translating into english, married them in 20 mins and they were given two of the originals coins of Sienna as a gift from the city.
The day was beginning to hot up now and no one had drunk for three hours and as we went downstairs we entered the oldest Piazza in Sienna for some amazing photos.
A few guests headed off to the pub and the groom ordered beers and sandwiches all around.
I had two beers which was bad idea on an empty stomachs and little sleep as I began to get a migraine that didn’t leave me all night!
At 4.30 we headed back to Casellina where we ate and drank all day till 7.30pm (me only water) and the actual dinner was served. During that time the bride and groom took a wander into the village where we were greeted by the local shop owners who had got to know the two from their extended stay.
An old woman said ‘ wait, wait’ she rushed off to get her sister out of her home and the her sister who looked about 90 with no teeth and a big grin sung the newly married coupled the local town hymn and blessed them. It was such a sight!
We went back to reception sat down and this was what followed, to give you an idea of the amount of food the Italians eat.
First we were served cheese, cold meats, olives, a typical antipasto with quality local produce. Then a huge plate of wild bore pasta which was a common local meat. After that another creamy pasta dish was served. Then came eye fillet steak strips with salad, spinach and roasted potato. Then came deserts, coffees and wedding cake, mints and lemon liqueur.
All this after an afternoon of per dinner snacks like cheese, crackers, bruschetta , pizza, cold meats , olives etc!!!!
The amount of food served was the most I think I have ever seen at a wedding. Guests bopped away well into the night as it began to cool down, the iPad set up had Reno and his kiddies favorite tracks to suit a guest list that saw people arrive from Zurich, Geneva, Other parts of Italy, Australia and the UK.
It was a beautiful day for the Bride and Groom, the speeches represented the love their family has for them and the tight group of friends they have. Everyone wishes them a long and happy life together!

Maz xx


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