Arrived after one sleepy plane trip that lasted 24 hours and took me to three vastly different countries. The journey to Italy was surprisingly easy going, I guess the lead up was so full-on I needed to rest and made the most of sitting and sleeping.

Checked into my Roman hotel at 9 pm, skypes my man in New York as we are now 7 time zones closer and spoke of love and life and dreams of being together again. Then I was hungry! Luckily my hotel was in downtown Rome opposite the Termini (trai station) andIan’s surrounded by pizza and pasta joints.

My first Italian pizza was good, thin crust and little topping, not like American style pizza we are accustomed to in Oz but more a gourmet style, tasty and hit the spot. They also sold me a bottlemow wine and sent me on way way with a plastic cup! How glamorous, not!

Needless to say I didn’t get to sleep untill 3am and woke the next morning by 8am, not to bad considering I lost a day and slept a day! I set off on foot with no plan and followed the chimes coming from a the 600 year old Santa di Maria Bassilica down the road. This grand church is a symbol of Catholic opulence standing proud in the heart of Rome, high walls and ceilings adorned with masterful paintings, sculptures and religious symbols.

From there I walked to the main train station practiced my Italian and acquired a map from information, it’s a sexy language I love speaking and the Italians love to hear you make the effort much the same way the Frech do too.

I spend a few hours at the National Museum in awe from the Roman sculptures that once lined the streets of this great empire. Julius Caesar’s personally chosen garden sculpture was there in perfect condition. All the sculptures featured had similar hair designs of curls short and on the head, surprisingly not much difference between the men or the women and the clothing draped over the body without too much decoration.

Id eaten plenty at the breakfast buffet and was mildly hungry and ordered a melon and strawberry gelato that immediately began to drip down my arm. With nothing to stop it but a soggy serviette I licked madly giggling at the onlookers who found it quite amusing. It’s hot, I was not expecting it so, rather like Bali weather.

After resting my feet which now have blisters from my new Roman sandals covered in band aids I decided to take an afternoon stroll. I love doing this In a new place, going with the flow to let life surprise you. I’d walked about 20 mins and began to notice many historical buildings and ruins. I stopped at the lights and heard the distinct Aussie accent and when I turned two Aussie guys said hi. In front of them in the distant was a huge monument peeking through a narrow street. I asked them ‘is that the Colosseum?’

Sure enough it was and they said walk around to the main road and you will get an awesome view. I was blown away, between the hotels, cafes and shops lay this massive ancient amphitheater in surprising good condition. It’s kind of eery to imagine what it must have been like. I walked around the outside and took some snaps of the ruins they lay all around the area.

Beginning to get sore feet I asked for directions and was pointed in about three different ways, I set off with my internal navigation using my memory and hour later I flopped on my bed exhausted from walking all day.

Have not yet spoken to the bride and groom preparing the villa for our arrival but so far the trip has inspired my art and understanding of this country and fallen empire. And look forward to more adventures ahead!

Ciao Maz x


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