Only six weeks to go and yer I am getting pretty excited now, I can’t imagine how Miss K must be feeling preparing for the great wedding in Tuscany. It has been ten years since i set foot on European soil and always feels like returning home in many ways. Part of my ancestry is European and grew up with the many customs and traditions of the old country. But Rome and Tuscany and moreso to be maid of honor in a wedding, how completely romantic is this trip going to be……..

Left buying my ticket ridiculously last minute but this year seems to have slipped by like i have been waiting for something to happen. Booked with Emirates and will stop in Kula Lumpa and Dubai before I arrive in Rome for seven nights. Apart from adoring the Italian food and culture, I have recently studied and painted the ancient Roman times. Walking through those streets, visiting the ancient ruins is going to bring my research to life and be a taste of the true glorious spirit that is fit for an empire. Like Paris I imagine I will become totally absorbed!

The Collisuem, Trevi Fountain, The Vatican City, Pantheon, Circus Maximus, Forum Romanum, Piazza Novona and Vatican Museum to name a few of the more popular sites and will only be the beginning of this wonderous adventure. I am hoping my man from New York will travel with me and looking positive, both big fans of Roman times, he is an avid reader and knowledgeable of history and will be fascinating hearing the stories retold of great warriors and a fallen empire. Raging gladiators and pleasurable indulgences fit for a king! We will both be intoxicated with the rich culture, history and art of one of the world’s greatest cities!

The Bridal parties dresses and jewelry are picked and I did a trial on the bride’s hair, Miss K is having a simple swept top section of hair and the rest with a full and neat blow dry, it is a classic look that suits her chiseled features, she is booking make up artist and photographers on arrival. We are both going bikini shopping in weeks as the Tuscan Villa has a pool and we are heading into the middle of Summer, it will be hot! The week in Tuscany is full of activities including a treasure hunt in Florence, a wine tour and Italian cooking lessons. There will be dancing, singing, wine drinking and partying well into the night as we have booked this villa for one week of wedding celebrations. The villa is set on acreage, an organic vineyard and olive farm that produces certified organic wine and olive oil.

Me, Miss K and Reno (bridal couple)

So here is my to do list, which I admitably keep adding to everyday as i begin to research.

1. Eat pasta/bread/cheese
2. Drink coffee
3. See Art
4. See monuments
5. The Opera
6. Eat Gelato on the back of a Vespa
7. Dancing
8. Music
9. Wine tour
10. People watching
11. Photography
12. Try to speak Italian with locals
13. Watch the sunrise over Rome with my man
14. Run through the vineyards in the Tuscan villa under the moonlight

I have been studying small Italian phrases with LingoPal a iphone app, and will practice a few here there and prolly find myself completely stuck in a conversation using my hands! But hey it is Italy so I will wear a smile and be gracious and get a long just fine!!!!! The App has every phrase from accommodation to mild flirting, gay or straight to full blown x rated insults! Lets hope i don’t have to use any! Always fun though to know how to drop the F bomb in another language!

So my darlings it is countdown now, pick up the tickets in two weeks and will spend the following weeks learning about the city and country side of Rome, Florence and Tuscany. Will be dusting off my suitcase once again and spreading my wings onward to unexplored lands, and good times with close friends, can’t wait!!!!!



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