17 more sleeps and at 3am i board an Emirates plane to Italy. Starting to get excited now and researching places I want to visit and things I want to take, people I want to meet. My best friends cousin lives in Venice, a few Art friends in Rome and a Facebook friend from Melbourne lives just outside of Rome and all have been very lovely to offer to show me around!

Miss K is leaving on Monday and off to Germany, Switzerland and then all will congregate to the Tuscan countryside where we begin a weeks festivities for the wedding of her and her beloved Reno.  As many of you know I am the maid on honour and will begin preparing a small speech and with the courage of the organically grown vineyard grape wine will deliver at Villa Patrignone.

Have been shopping around for bridesmaid shoes and found these cute ones I will try on something similar, we chose silver to go with the Musk coloured Review dressers and love peep toe design accessorized with baby pink natural pearls. Still considering how I will transport the gown without getting folds in the fabric, may have to take a clothes bag in cabin.


I am doing Miss K’s hair for the wedding and we are using some dark brown hair extensions in the back sections to create extra length, with some back combing in the roots she will have a full Euro-style Blowwave. Her make Up artist will be a local lady from Florence or Sienna and we are booked in for a spray tan days before the wedding.

The week celebrations involve many activities, but relaxing by the villa pool, drinking wine and eating gorgeous Italian cusine is my top priority!

Rome however is a different story, I am curious about Roman history and will explore the ancient city with gusto. I am taking some sensible walking shoes and armed with my digital camera will soak up the history and culture like a local and blog every detail!

Apart the popular tourist attractions I would like to see the Opera at Piazzza Gigli one evening and dine at an authentic Italian restaurant, drink my morning coffee at Cafe Grego  the oldest cafe in Rome, established in 1760, where the worlds first cafe culture began. I hope to visit the beaches and get a taste of European beach culture and may even go topless, why not, i will be a foreigner!

There are many Roman Baths which I may visit and think this will be a luxurious way to relax and soak up the culture, along with food, wine and dancing! A spot of shopping at Via Condotti perhaps, even if it is the window variety, visit David and marvel at the wondrous body of man! Dance the night away at Testaccio the nightclub district of Rome and drink the good life at Via Ostiense. This along with the festivals and activities and parties that occur in summer in Rome, i am sure my days will be full of joy!

I have treated myself to a new bikini and preparing my body with a strict diet and Pilates in the lead up, I so wanted to get something a little less traditional and unique and loved this tiger Lilly Bikini that blends gold (such a Roman colour) and the same green of my eyes!

Tiger Lilly Bikini

So my girlfriends have warned me about Italian men and I have heard many stories myself. I am hoping my New York boy will be strutting the Roman streets with me enjoying the glorious attention we might inspire! I have little Italian language knowledge but will do my best to chat and be friendly! The women I hear are gorgeous and fashionable and as a fashion lover myself I will enjoy being around  some of the most stylish ones on earth and hoping to get some tips for MazSpa followers!

Cafe Greco


Things I will pack are:

  • Bikini
  • Hat
  • Mini skirt and Tee shirt
  • Little black dress
  • Wedding outfit
  • Shorts
  • Shirt
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Thongs
  • Scalf
  • Wedding outfit
  • Curling wand
  • EU adapter
  • Digital Camera
  • Iphone
  • Lip Gloss


I am sure this list will grow longer each day and will blog everyday while I am away if you want to follow the journey.

So that is all for now, this weekend is my last weekend without the children to prepare and purchase the last of my travelling goods and in the next week or two will get my suitcase down and begin sorting out what i will take on this Roman vacation.

Ciao xxx



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