The human body is a marvel of nature with all the wonderful organs that inhabit the inner landscape we hardly ever give enough thought as to the mechanics and care of our inner-physical self. Modern life has seen our food and water change to suit our growing populations and it is an unfortunate truth that processed and refined food is plentiful and massively consumed. Add to this drug preparations we use to feel better and explore or escape, the body becomes a chemical cocktail working overtime instead of flourishing. Balance is key.

We also love foods that stimulate and suppress, drinks like alcohol can also leave trace chemicals in the body and many food, drinks and drugs are highly addictive keeping us bound in behaviors that don’t always see us moving forward psychologically and physically.

Knowing this is good to be aware of what you take in and how it reacts with your system. This is not another article telling you to give up anything but what I want to offer you is an approach that can help you re-balance and master the art of cleansing. Think of the body like a temple and the detox a broom, giving you a clean sweep after times of im-balance. If your chaste all the time you have nothing to contrast but times of purity can be beneficial and enlightening.


Here are some steps to begin a detox program and kick start your health.

• Make a list of all the foods that promote health, have high nutritional value that are easy to prepare and convenient for you to bring into your life. Being prepared is the first step.

• Clean your environment of clutter allow more space into your life, it does not draw your attention and gives you a sense of calmness and clarity.

• Surround your environment with comforts as you will find when you start detoxing you will get irritable.

• Exercise is good to speed up your metabolism and also increase your fitness, don’t overdo it as your energy will at first be low.

• Write all thoughts, feelings and events that challenge down to clear them from your mind and help you understand the mind/body connection.

• Become more aware of toxins and the triggers that lead to the abuse of toxins.

• Be gentle and relaxed on yourself, it may just be something you wish to do for a week to give your insides a spring clean.

• Practice meditation to relax the body.

There are many ways to perform a detox, they range from healthy fresh foods, water, the subtraction of substances or food/drink that is toxic, there are also medical processes like colonic cleansing and medical preparations to clean you out.

Remember detoxing is not a diet, it is not recommended for long term weight loss solution, and rather it is a tool to bring balance back to your body’s digestive system, improving circulation and energy flow.

Here is an idea for a detox program that is simple to do.

Choose one type of food like a fruit or vegetable and for three days straight only have this type of food along with eight glasses of water a day. What this will do is make it easy for your digestive system to work and it will begin then removing some of the toxins built up because it isn’t busy trying to keep up with the on-going digestion of complex arrangements of food. You may like to go longer and if in doubt seek the advice of a medical professional.

I have been detoxing on and off for a long time and an old friend introduced me to this incredible recovery drink many moons ago, enjoy!

Maz’s Juice Preparation Recipe.

• 3 large carrots

• Small piece of ginger

• 1 Apple

• Handful of Spinach

• 1 Stick of celery


I always like to think people in the world survive on a lot less food than what we in the west are accustomed to and cutting back and simplifying your diet really is an enlightening experience as well as helping your system recover from the constant abuse of toxins.

Keep a positive mind and set an intention before you start so your mind and body work in sync to use the process to its maximum potential.

Visualization meditation is sometimes a great tool to include for people who are highly visual and comfortable doing this, give the toxins a colour shape and imagine them leaving your body as you flood it with nutritious, simple food and water preparations. This is a handy tool if facing some kind of illness.

After a few days you will feel much better and most likely be attracted to healthy choices of what you put in your body and remember no matter what happens you always have a tool to re-balance and get back on track!


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