Standing in a space where you have some room to move about begin to become conscious of your breathe and the feeling of air filling your full lung capacity while you’re standing up straight with shoulders back. Let your body begin to sway from side to side and use your breath to release any tensions or stiffness.

Move your feet and step about feeling the music and breathing in time with the beat, as your body becomes more relaxed bend your knees and move your hips, loosening the joints and bringing a softness and freedom to your movement.

Notice how your breath becomes deeper and your body begins to feel more alive from the extra blood flow and you may like to spread out across your space moving like waves through your environment. Inhale and reach your arms out stretching all the muscles and then on the exhale let them relax and float about by your side.

Practice letting your arms move like fluid around your body as your breath connects you with the space you inhabit and allow your head and neck to follow the flow of movement.

Now that your whole body is moving, breathing and relaxing focus your mind on your feelings, noticed how you feel charged with energy, your mind is sharper and your body has become softer.

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