It’s been so long since I wrote about the one and only journey called LIFE. I have been busy LIVING! I had to quit my writing jobs, scale back my coaching practise and innovate my previous business systems!

Focussed on building a business, a production and digital agency that is a perfect fit for my creative strengths and coaching skills in developing brands, content and campaigns. Did I tell you it is FUN! A business that has great potential in a fairly new and evolving industry. That is pretty exciting stuff and the level of attention required is often like a marriage, why I joke the day I got my company papers was like a marriage certificate! I’m lucky enough to have a great guy come on board in the role CTO and manage a share of the company as well as 11 fabulous artists and developers to provide a professional service.

Balance is important to me and anyone in business knows it is a huge sacrifice. Fridays are a typical day fortnightly I work well into the night, not because I’m a work-a-holic but because I never distinguish between work and pleasure, especially after a few drinks-that’s when it gets real creative.



It is a bit of a lonely existence having your own business, I work solo in an office often, a small space I hope to expand soon, this is when I’m not on location or out and about. When I say lonely I don’t mean I’m lonely but rather you are intensely focussed on something you are curating and it is important to maintain the focus and level of intensity toward developments. Shifting your focus is just a distraction, this is the sacrifice any business owner will agree with. It pays off in the long run.

It means social life is minimal and I tend to steer it around my work life, meetings become long lunches, and enjoy business life in an often social environment instead of a strict corporate office culture.

Been building up a professional wardrobe this last month and exploring celebrity styles for inspiration, loving red which is captured in my brand, strong red lips, beret teamed with classic colours navy, tan, white and ivory. My preferred work environment is relaxed, unstructured yet enough space to allow ideas and creation to flow. Mess is not productive and neither is clutter. I have taken to the same in personal styling and Gwyneth Paltrow is a great example for me to draw ideas from for my professional wardrobe which I like to reflect my attitude toward business that is not to rigid. I’m 40 this year and prefer a classic look to following fashion trends, I think it is important to wear clothing not let them wear you!


Looking forward to finding a studio for the team, once we have launched and have a steady flow of production we will move into a gorgeous Melbourne studio. I love raw wood, white and industrial yet rustic feel, lots of space and warmth with natural light. A space for boardroom meetings, some space for intimate conversation, eating, drinking, a common lounge space, and some open plan desks for creation plus a production area! Collecting some images to style a board for this in the future. Stayed tuned.

Good to have dreams, writing them down into bite size goals allow you to have a system to achieving them!


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