It’s almost impossible to become a great leader with out being a good communicator and skilful communication is rarely taught in traditional education institutes. Often we are taught pronunciation, grammar, body language, presence and delivery, all part of ourselves but the subtle elements are not understood and they are what we really need to learn.

Developing keen external awareness is beneficial in being an effective communicator, understanding the listeners emotional cues and aspirations is also helpful in delivering your message. This is the only way to get your content rooted deeply in other persons mind.

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People who spend a large majority of their day in interpersonal relations are bound to be gifted in the area of communication and it’s usually an indicator of success. The one thing great communicators have in common is they have a heightened situational and contextual awareness.  Good communication also involves great listening and observational skills which in turn builds awareness within the communicator. Sensing moods, dynamic, values of the person or group being communicated with is also a contributor to awareness.

Adapting your message creatively to your listener will reach the persons needs your communicating with and build trust, people want to know you care and until you get real, your message wont come across unless it’s authentic and speaks to their heart. Being specific also helps communication, no wants wants to question what you are on about, clarity and simplicity is best without affording the person clarity you will be lucky to even be heard.
The best communicators inspire action, develop ideas, spark insight and contribute more.

Keeping an open mind and seek to understand what’s on your listeners thoughts, not try and change their mind. Opinions don’t matter as much as the willingness to listen to ideas, being quiet and listening is a gift of communication and a very rare one at that.

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Replace ego with empathy, understanding how the other persons feel will open them up to your message, this is very important, to try to inhabit their emotional space will give you a level of transparency between your communication passage.

Reflecting back on what you are communicating and understanding what is not being said can also give insight to a conversation. Keeping eyes and ears open can give insight into awareness not often found in spoken words alone.

Having integrity to know what you talking about goes without saying, if your not truly understanding the content yourself how do you expect anyone else to?

Tailoring your message to groups helps spread your message faster than to individuals making your communications more impacting, it is helpful knowing how to work a space, be credible and develop trust.


Always be willing to adjust, change or open out your message, keeping in mind effective communications like negotiations mean that your need to align with your audience. Using questions, humor, analogies or humor can help in situations that go badly.


It is always good to assume someone is not ready to communicate with you just because you are. Keep your message honest and correct, keeping in mind effective communication is about helping the other meet their needs, understanding their concern and contributing more to the world.

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