A Creative Business Pitch is the best way to move forward with a start up or take your business to the next level!

Pitch first, plan second. No one wants to write a lengthy business plan.

Make it short and punchy, use key words to become building blocks for your brand and tag-lines that refine and bring clarity to your message.
Points to cover:
1. A sentence about your business (value proposition)
2. The problem your business is responding to (market need)
3. Description of product/service (your solution)
4. Who else is doing it (competition)
5. Who is buying your product/service (target market)
6. How much does it cost, running and marketing costs. (Cashflow, budgeting, forecasting)
7. How will you communicate your products/service? (Marketing channels, content strategy, social media)
8. Team, who is involved, who do you need to collaborate/network.

Make your creative business pitch concise, be creative and imaginative, use mindful techniques to think outside square, research current trends, curiously explore the full potential of your business and develop a pitch ready to become your working business road map. ✔️

Try business coaching if want help developing your business plan, Melbourne Coach loves working with creatives and start ups, more info here!

To book in an intro session connect marion@melbournecoach.com.au

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