The Mindful Life Coaching Planner MLCP provides a structure for your life goals and this is one of the reasons many people come to coaching, it balances four dimensions of life and invites you to work on where you now, where you want to be and how to be more present in the process as well as the achievement, that means enjoying the work as well as the reward or outcome.

It’s vital we include some stillness and free flow time in our lives also but unless we bring some mindful intention to our daily activity we’ll feel even our stillness an unsettledness, agitation or dissatisfaction about our lives to some degree.

Many forms of practice can be escapism, in mindfulness group coaching  you actually just be with your self as it is without trying to avoid anything that is going on in your body and mind, this process helps you become self aware and with the pace of life today many people don’t even realise the difference between being present or just in automatic mode. Once you can get to a point of acceptance and choice about the way it is within stillness you can then begin to be better at living with these same principles in your activity, relationships and work on your goals with this approach.

Mindfulness practice is not going to fix your life but it will put you in touch with how your body and mind feels about your life and give you choice about your relationship to that and it’s only when you truly accept your self can you begin to make meaningful changes in life from a place of empowerment rather than a constant reaction to any outside situation.

Creating a mindful structure for your life goals that groups them into the four dimensions in the Mindful Life Coaching Planner will concentrate your motivation and help you achieve life balance. By tackling your life goals in groups you can inspire your life holistically and will find a greater energy you bring to your goals because you’re investing in the main four dimensions simultaneously.

My clients work on four dimensions in Life Coaching:

  • Relationships/Social
  • Family & Parenting
  • Business or Career (or Students)
  • Health/Wellness

Working with the four main dimensions:

With these four dimensions of life clients are able to work simultaneously creating structure for their life goals with intention to experience a sense of on-going life balance and accomplishment. Within all these categories I encourage my clients to work on relationship qualities as success in relationships usually means greater connection, accountability and fulfilment. Remembering always that quality trumps quantity, even in relationships!

Having four main dimensions for the MLCP is also more effective than writing a really long list or keeping it all jumbled up in your head. One of my successful clients talked about the coaching process as ‘unpacking’. Unpacking externalises the goal, and when you have a coach reflecting the goals and your motivations you begin to look objectively from a different angles which can also help you determine the true value of a goal or desire.

Beginning to look at these four dimensions of your life in the MLCP and making some choices about what is really important to you is a good start in learning how to be mindful about how you spend your time and with whom, rather than just reacting to day to day experiences and wasting huge amounts of time on ‘escapism.’ By intentionally investing yourself in relationships that encourage your personal and professional growth, happiness and giving yourself time to be still as well, you will be able to live a purposeful life and inspires others to also.

Get started on your four main dimensions:

I suggest you start by taking a 30-60 minute mindfulness practice and just sit and do some breathing, grounding yourself in your body in the present moment. Preparing to write a life plan or unpack your current desires you want to be in the best possible state, open minded, curious, self-aware and coming from a place of creativity not reactivity or judgment.

Download our free Mindful Life Coaching Planner PDF when you sign up to our mailing list, print it and work through the activities using coloured Sharpies, water colour or pencils and cut out pictures or drawings if you like to be artistic.

We suggested your goals focus on relationship building activities in the MLCP because they really are the lynch pin to happiness, connection, accountability, collaboration and success. Having someone to share each of these four dimensions in your life will help you not only achieve balance but the ability to share that balance.

Once you have finished you have the option to use the $50 Intro coaching voucher to really start to refine your goals in a six week Life Coaching program and in sessions we use a number of tools,  a workbook with a values chart, strengths optimisation program, mindfulness training, goals strategy, creative approaches for building self confidence, actioning goals and the conversation facilitates a shift toward growth mindset and being present.

If you get overwhelmed take a break and practice stillness there is not much help in stepping forward if you’re not able to do so in a way that sustains you, returning to practice can help you get back in touch with the present provided you can learn to accept it as it is. Don’t be hard on yourself either, know that even the smallest steps in life are worthy of your acknowledgment.

Marion X





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