In life coaching it’s this time of year I recommend we reflect and begin to craft our vision for the new year! For some a resolution is traditional but lofty goals can lead to disappointment so rather than setting material goals begin with mindful inner work.
I’ve been doing some journaling and come up with a few pointers to set an intentional trajectory for happiness in 2017. Here goes:
1. Be a big picture thinker, by focussing less on yourself you’ll be more generous toward others thereby improving your relationships.
2. Undermine your inner critic and actively choose happiness. Distract with exercise, reading, helping others, meditation and creativity and develop a positive narrative that says no (in the nicest possible way) to that gremlin!
3. Have self discipline, be in control of your experience by eating nutritiously, exercising reg, meditating and looking after your emotional health, don’t expect others to do it for you.
4. Connect with supportive, non-toxic people, have healthy boundaries, let the small stuff slide and remember others don’t define you, no matter what they say.

By Marion Miller

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