Core values: Free life coaching tool is to help you work out what you want and need in life. To do this you must first identify your values, thats where the tool works. Values are powerful motivators. We all live by some sort of values eg: security, challenge, honesty, integrity, respect, freedom. Our values represent how we have to learn to think things ought to be and people be brave and should behave.

Values are important to identify in any self development work because in order to achieve success and satisfaction our values must fit the direction of our lives and congruently in our behavoir.

Knowing your values= freedom because when you can stop wasting time on things that don’t mean much to you, you can spend time on things you really care about.

Please follow the instructions of the values checklist and complete the worksheet to identify your core values.


Activity: Values Checklist

In the table bellow is a list of values using the table answer the questions, you can add values I’ve not included in the far left column.

STEP 1. What do I value most? Tick the five things you value most of all. These are a guide of how you live your life, you can also add to the list if there is something not covered here.

STEP 2. Now that you have five values try to narrow it down to three. Go back through the list and see which ones you can eliminate and which ones are really important to you. Write your values here.

STEP 3. Next we would like you to narrow your list down to one, pick the value that is absolutely important to you, that is more meaningful than the others.

Achievement Friendship Physical Challenge
Advancement Growth Pleasure
Adventure Having a family Power and authority
Affection Helping others Privacy
Arts Helping society Public Service
Challenge Honesty Purity
Change and variety Independence Quality
Close relationships Influencing others Recognition
Community Inner Harmony Religion
Competence Integrity Reputation
Competition Intellectual status Responsibility
Cooperation Involvement Security
Country Job tranquillity Self Respect
Creativity Knowledge Serenity
Decisiveness Leadership Sophistication
Democracy Loyalty Stability
Ecology Market Position Status
Effectiveness Meaning Supervising others
Efficiency Merit Time freedom
Ethical Practice Nature Truth
Excellence Being around open people Wealth
Excitement Order and tranquillity Wisdom
Fame Personal development Work under pressure
Fast Living Freedom Work with others
Financial Gain Accountability Work alone


Once you have discovered your core values, you might decide it is time to better align your life around them, personal and professionally, this can often mean transitions are ahead. For more support, encouragement and empowerment for moving through change contact me for some Life Coaching. Email or call during business hours on 0423703960.


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