Be aware of the dynamics of life and what contributes to a full filling and rich journey. In coaching “strategy” is often a buzz word, promoted to bring greater wealth and achievement and I agree having a goal, dream and vision is essential to moving forward in a desired direction, like a road map. But focusing on future happiness does not fulfill as the only moment that truly exists is now.
I spend time with my clients early on in their coaching sessions teaching meditation for this very reason, to help them access a non reactive space and to enjoy with full awareness each moment they are experiencing. Often when they achieve an objective awareness of their mind/body the rest of their life begins to fall in place. Desires are realised.
I have found the coaching sessions are more effective using the same philosophy, not spending to much time trying to figure it all out with strategies but rather in the moment, communicating where the client is at in that point in time/space as apposed to where they want to be.
By doing so I see transformations, they begin to flow with ideas and insights easily and effortlessly, they set the pace and i provide the space. Some may think it takes massive life changes for the client to feel they got their moneys worth but it is the little subtle changes that make all the difference and appear to be lasting. Little steps, one foot in front of the other allow the big picture to unfold naturally, each step facilitates the next by changing the space within and in doing so the environment responds. What we project becomes our experience. Risks are real but to change we must feel the fear and do it anyway. Most of our fears are just feelings and when we face them they fall away, our brain is hardwired in a fashion that is designed to keep us comfortable so to change you will have to experience adversity, it is natural.
Like a ship on a journey that moves one degree to the left will arrive in a very different place without having made that slight adjustment.
The map and vision changes dramatically as we embrace the journey in the moment and often we find the more we live for now the less the outcome matters but we are more satisfied than if we were constantly reaching for fulfillment that is projected in the future.
I know from my business planning the original plan has been modified as has my vision for life, many times but it is always good to write down where you at before taking on a major project, it sets a trajectory but once it is done let go and allow life to guide you, develop your strengths and instinct and inhabit the space where your at fully allowing life to open up to you. Be flexible and change course if needed but let change arrive from within not from outside, reaction is never authentic and can damage you potential. Have courage to follow your dream, believe, act and enjoy!

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