Have you ever tried Coaching?

It’s a fabulous way to get support and clarity for your life moving forward! There is plenty of value in the relationship and you don’t have to work hard for these benefits to occur. The synergy in a coaching relationship can make all the difference to a motivated person!

Here is some tips when working on goals with a coach, using a book or some other method of personal development.

Focus on what you feel, not just what you want to achieve. 

Some coaches and books focus on success predominately, on tangible or financial results, don’t forget the feelings, such as feeling happier, trusting, safer, peaceful and inspired. While results are important because you can measure them your day to day experience is also. Think of life as a brick wall, results are the bricks and feelings are the mortar. Make sure you have both!


What matters most to you?

During personal development work you need to focus on what matters most to you. Goals, your life, what you want to improve, what you have issues with, what your problems are. It’s surprising in the long run when you focus on what you most selfishly want and what you think you ‘should’ do. Should will never be a satisfying existence and come from living for another’s needs and values, not your own!


Sensitise your self so you see and experience things earlier than before.

Time is collapsing, meaning everything is happening faster and the pace of life continues to increase. Some feel the pressure to keep up and the fear to be left behind, it can cause a lot of stress in life. Others see this as an opportunity to seize the moment. You too can achieve this by reducing whatever it is that is clouding or numbing your ability to sense. The more you feel the faster you can respond to events and opportunities. Some examples of sensitising yourself is limiting or eliminating  alcohol, TV, adrenaline, stress and caffeine.


Reduce drain and strain in your life. 

Coaching works to stretch you further, take more action than you otherwise wouldn’t on your own and come up with effective strategies to get what you want. And at the same time identify and reduce things that drain and strain you, such as tolerances, stressful situations, connections that are not authentic, pressured environments and reoccurring problems. So you don’t just hoist a bigger sail you make sure there are no cracks or barnacles on your hull!




Get more space.

Personal development needs room to work effectively. If your too busy, rushed, adrenaline charged or burdened you will be pushing harder not more effectively and the drain on your energy will increase. I suggest you put some projects on hold, reduce your roles, simplify your day, reduce your goals, streamline your work and gear up a personal management system! Simplification gets you space. Space is needed to learn and grow your self from where you are today.


Be open to seeing things differently. 

In personal development the goals are considered the ‘what’ and strategies to reach the goals are the ‘how’ and you are the ‘who’. You will get the most out of life and personal development if you are willing to  to reassess your assumptions, ways of thinking, expectations, beliefs, reactions, and approaches to life. There are always newer concepts, principles, distinctions and evolutionary steps to learn.


Be willing to evolve yourself.

Coaching and personal development is not just a developmental process but an evolutionary one. In other words your learning how to accomplish more with less effort this is the developmental part but you will also be learning how to think differently and expand yourself in the world which is also evolving. Evolving is therefore also a skill and worth learning because life itself is also evolving, not just developing!




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