Are you being a maintenance person trying to fix everything but not really using your talent and growing? You need to learn to delegate! Here’s how!

1. Find someone with the experience and knowledge and preferred work style and make sure their current workload will not interfere.

2. Articulate the desired outcome your looking for.

3. Clearly identify the boundaries and constraints of the task.

4. When can include the person in the delegation process, empowering them.

5. Match the amount of responsibility with authority but keep in mind you can’t delegate accountability.

6. Delegate but don’t organize, keep in mind the person you choose has the most intimate level of knowledge on the task.

7. Support the person and be available for questions and be a resource.

8. Focus on results, concern yourself with only what they accomplish.

9. Avoid ‘upward delegation’ if there is a problem don’t allow them to shift the responsibility back to you, recommend solutions, don’t provide an answer.

10. Build motivation and commitment. Discuss how success will impact financial reward, future opportunity, and other desirable consequences.

11. Establish and maintain control, discuss timelines and deadlines, make necessary adjustment and make a time review submitted work.


A great way to begin is to work with a coach, they can help you to learn the art of delegating. By learning to delegate you make more time for the things that really matter and engage your strengths and achieve working more efficiently and achieving more. All big business, projects and high achiever do so because they draw skills and strengths from others sharing a vision and empowering others!

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