The key to change is in the small daily habits. Imagine a ship sailing off from the shore with a compass pointed in a certain direction. Adjust that compass slightly and the outcome of the ship will be in a vastly different position at the end of the voyage than if not, the voyage will look different than if the change was not made.

So you got a bunch of tasks at hand and don’t know where to start, feeling overwhelmed and letting it get on top of you. First of all check your thinking, an entrepreneurial mindset affirms, speak and act the part, feed your own mind with positive encouragement, be your own best buddy, even if you struggle to feel it, think it and soon you will believe it and attract it. Start in the morning by sitting in a meditative position and set a trajectory for your day with positive vibes, good thoughts and a flexible body.

When you are ready write down your goals, be sure of the outcomes your after, make them smart, measurable, time framed and specific, share them with a coach, buddy or friend and make yourself accountable, this is a key all successful people use. You are not alone and can’t do it by yourself, use your supports and allow people to help you. Don’t take on too many just select the most important and tackle them first. Don’t worry yourself with not reaching them but rather think of them like a road map.

Now break these goals down further into daily action steps and take a good look at your life and what daily actions are helping you reach these goals and support you and what ones take away from them, be aware of what you need to feel value in your life and what gives you energy, clarity and hope.

Before you take any action remember YOU are your greatest asset and your health is number one, so they are the most important habits to stay on top of. Eating, sleep and drinking water are the fuel to help you stay well in mind and body. Every Time you make the choice to consume something, think how is this helping my mind, body and life, be committed to your own health and be aware of what you put in, is it restoring and life giving or is it taking your energy and making you sluggish.  Water washes the inside and cleanses the body of toxin, just as you clean the surface of you body, don’t forget internally. Don’t undervalue sleep, this is where we process information, sort and come up with solutions, let the brain have time to do its thing and your body get the rest it requires!

Start you day with one habit and devote your self the first week to changing that, focus on new habit for example it may be one hour doing something you have neglected, even one hour a day will build to a significant change in a couple of weeks. If it is a move, one box a day will be seven at the weeks end, if it is a business goal, one hour focused on achieving a goal will have a seven hour result by the end of the first week.

Stay focused on your motivation, it is kind of like your discipline, why are you bothering to do this? What is your commitment to yourself and others, never give up focus here as it is the key driver to your success and spend much time thinking about your motivation, it makes you who you are.

There are always obstacles sometimes more than a few, research what obstacles others have had in this area, be aware of past obstacles you have had when trying to achieve this change. Have a plan for what to do if an obstacle gets in the way.

Keep a log or record of your success, these helps you be consistent and keeps you aware of what your actually doing as well as keeps you accountable to the people you have made commitment too.

Never be unaware of triggers, be mindful of what precedes a bad habit and take that awarness and replace it with the more positive habit immediately. Not being aware of triggers will not give you any consistency and the weaker your habits will be.

Be committed, once you decide to be consistent, never take your eye off the habit and don’t give in once, try not to miss one, because once you have missed one it is easier to miss again. But be gentle and forgiving if you do and get back on track as soon as possible.

Don’t be afraid of failure, this is our greatest teacher, if you don’t make it the first time, don’t give up, adjust your path and never give up, many roads lead you where you need to be, don’t change the goal, change the path and stay focused, if you can believe it, you can achieve it!

Take a moment to share your goals here and know by making them public you have started the journey to your success!



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