Core strengths are the skills you’re good at, things we do as just a means to an end will not make you happy. To find out you core strengths ask yourself, what am I good at? What am I most compelled to do? What do I get the most compliments for? What makes me unique?

Asking your friends and family about what they value most about you might also help you understand your core strengths.

Successful people exploit their strengths and delegate their weakness, or avoid putting pressure on them. Sometimes it takes a career, or lifestyle change to put your core strengths at the forefront of your life.


Here is some tips to develop your core strengths.

  • Say no to tasks that don’t play to your strengths.
  • Take steps to bring one of your strengths to work or play, for example your family might benefit from the same enthusiasm you bring to sports.
  • Keep taking small steps until there is fewer incongruities.
  • Don’t spend to much time doing things you don’t enjoy.
  • Cultivate relationships with those who support you, show curiosity and keep you ‘fired up’
  • Chose one of your top talents and extend it right out of your comfort level.

If you ignore and waste your talent you’ll live a life of misery and frustration of missed opportunity and regret. Don’t let your talents fade with time, they are special gifts and the more you enhance them the more you’ll enrich those lives around you!



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