Happy first day of Spring! Before we get too busy with the second half of the year, ask yourself this. Have you got your business systems into a good working order so it can flourish into Summer? Think of a business like a garden and first things first, prepare the soil.

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Spring transforms everything and is the perfect time to make some adjustments to your business as we head into Summer and the busy months for most retail and services industries. Adjustments or the development of business systems can make a massive difference to your business productivity and performance.

A good place to start is the financial and operational business systems, the systems are the mechanisms within the business that provide smooth running on a daily basis. Automating systems digitally within the business so anyone can run them from anywhere is wise and frees you up, I would go as far as to create a training manual explaining how to use each system because if you’re serious about growing your business into a medium sized company you’re going to need help.

Systems should be simple, effective, digital where possible and streamlined with the other systems to make work minimalistic and congruent.

What are the benefits of good business systems?

1. You don’t have micro-manage the business, this means less hours in the business and more independence.

2. You can order your information, allowing you to see gaps, leaking profits and unlock potential you would have not otherwise seen.

3. Helps you measure success, you can analyse data and tweak accordingingly. Instead of just doing things blindly you can drive the business with intention.

4. You can clearly define roles within the company and delegate responsibilities, this gives clear purpose and outcomes.

5. You can create more focus because tasks are clearly defined making the execution of them simpler with less stress.

How can business coaching help you?

In coaching Marion can help you clarify the systems you need to implement in your business to grow it and improve efficiency. Whether it is a one off project or a complete operational manual and platform for your business in coaching we can make a strategy to develop sound business systems that will transform your business.

Working with Marion you and your team will create a business that works systematically and flows, producing better results!

Call 0423703960 for a introductory session to our ‘Business Blooms 6 week coaching program’ and build a strategy that will improve your business productivity and performance.

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