3AM Tuesday! What was I thinking when I booked my Emirates flight to Rome out of Melbourne? Oh yer thats right, left it last minute and didn’t have much choice unless I wanted to stay in Beijing and Shanghai for two nights and join the hordes en route to the Olympics in London!

So its been a full-on week, with kiddies to organize, a kitten to sort out, work to finalize and a fashion shoot Friday but the week is now a wrap and i feeling relaxed and ready. Kind of: welcome to my kaos! But no motivation to pack, came home last night exhausted and fell in a heap with a beer and my tunes dreaming of what lay ahead.

Purchased a great little travel bag from Kathmandu to carry the usual passport and cash inside my clothing, everyone warns you you might get pick pocketed but i never met anyone who has yet, travelling alone so wont take any precautions. Some comfy but stylish Roman Sandals, when in Rome……

New ideas are not staying in Venice will day trip it from Florence with the girls and look into a beach day at the Amalfi Coast, gotta show off my hot bikini, would not be fair to deprive the Italian men now would it? No New Yorker to meet me there, will have to wait for oz visit from Guru and may have to hire my own Vespa, but how to eat Gelati and ride at the same time? Perhaps a Vespa Taxi? ; )

Cant wait to take some pictures of the ancient city and going to get a hair cut while I am there so I can practice my Italian Lingo, ‘Mi Chiamo Marion’  ‘Piacere di conoscerla’, drink a coffee in the most amazing places in Rome, Venice and Tuscany. Organic Wine poolside in the Villa…. Just wish some one would pack for me, any takers???? There might even be room to squeeze in a traveler.

Bought some Euro and paid $78 AUD more than amount I was quoted the day before at ANZ and yet the news keeps reporting the EURO is failing, not likely, there been saying it for years and still it grows stronger. Wow they even have a 500EU Bill. That’s RICH.  First time seeing Euro. Oma used to send 50 DM every birthday and x-mas and was always thrilled to swap it for 3 X 50AUD! Last time in EU traveled with Francs, Deutsche and Drachma, simple one currency!









So my tips for travelling must haves are:

  • Lip Gloss/Hand Cream for the airplane, nothing worse than aircon, it gets dry at high altitude so moisture and gloss go a long way.
  • Adapter for the country your traveling to, remember all your electrical are Oz made so will need this one item, its a jem!
  • An ipad is great for plane travel, I got the base model as wireless can be found at Star Bucks and in flight and at most Hotels.
  • A travel cushion, I bought one in New York for my flight back and made all the difference to the 24 hour plane trip
  • Chips, Country kettle Chilli Chips a must have, nut mix also good
  • Bottle of water
  • Face Book, keep in touch with your mates while stuck in flight and Blog Baby Blog
  • Fashion Mag
  • Ipod for Meditation Music, peace!
  • Face Mask to block out annoying light and eating times
  • Scalf to keep warm and use as extra blanket
  • Body Spray to freshen up
  • A good Book, I am taking Roman Passions, a research book about pleasure and lifestyle  in ancient Rome
  • A change of clothes at air port and your tooth brush in flight, no furry teeth thank you!
  • Travel pouch to wear your cash and passport under your clothes









So that’s about it now, have the beautiful Review Dress, Glitter Platform shoes, Pearls and all ready for the wedding in a suit bag. Will write a short speech in Rome after I have practiced my Italian and hopefully not muck it up because i am intoxicated! So now it onward and Long Live Rome….

Take care my lovelies and see you on the flip side!

Maz xxx


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