Build a brand is a Sunday blog for business women who like sleep ins!

Branding online is really important if you are selling information or services via the digital medium. Even if you have a product how you communicate it digitally becomes your branding and can reach new audiences, build new relationships and drive customers to your location.Converting website traffic to sales is a fine art and one that can take some time to achieve, like building relationships you must be genuine and authentic and allow the trust to develop and a long-term relationship to evolve.

Todays blog will offer some tips to help your brand flourish online but the Business Workshop Cafe by Melbourne Coach will help you master it! Three workshops in the series you can purchase individually or get $57 off the package for all three! Get your ticket here.

Lets look at some simple things everyone can do to DIY Brand.

1. Promote any links for articles o mentions about you on other sites, publications or pages. This helps you become an authority in your field.

2. Add customer testimonials to your website. People trust what others have to say about your business and is the best form of recommendation.

3. Display your social media stats online. It sounds like boasting but it actually builds your credibility with followers and potential followers.

4. Avoid jargon, use customer language not industry insider language. Remember you’re pitching to a customer not an industry insider.

5. Establish yourself as an industry leader, sharing content and educational posts that help your customers. Blogs, eBooks, ecourses, free content on social media, downloadables are all resources to establish a solid brand.

These are simple ways to start refining your brand online and it’s just the beginning. Our co-facilitator Jenny Kellet (digital marketing) will help you build a brand strategy through clarifying your imagery, web copy for conversion and social media during the first series BRAND in the Business Workshop Cafe.



The BWC brings together three experts to help you build a great personal brand and business brand online through understanding your target markets personality and how to communicate to them online and in person creatively as well as tools and digital products that can add online equity to your brand. Branding is about connecting the needs of your market with your service/product/industry and digitally that often involves storytelling and non traditional marketing approaches. It is an exciting time with the internet anyone can make money in ways you can not even imagine using the digital media! Join us to learn how!

Book online to reserve your ticket for the business women’s coffee date of the year. Hosted by Cafe La Via in Malvern the three hour workshop and networking event will take your business to the next level!


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