Meditation is a practice you do for sometime, may stop and return to later. I have been doing the luxurious art of connected breathing and mindfulness since my teens. I know it seems odd that a teenager would begin a journey of self awareness but I grew up with a new age mother who dragged me along to many-a-guru’s workshops and I guess it just seemed normal in our family.

I really found a deep appreciation for meditation in my early 20s after an experimentation with L.S.D. I am not condoning the use of psychedelic drugs here as I was young and inexperienced and it was mind altering leaving me feeling a little out of this world to say the least. Which is fine and great fun but truth be told you need to function in this world of perceived limitations also. I take comfort in the fact Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize-winning father of modern genetics, was under the influence of LSD when he first deduced the double-helix structure of DNA nearly 50 years ago.

It was through meditation I sorted the new information, gained  greater self awareness, balance and learned to inhabit an altered state of awareness often achieved through meditation practice and be calm with the stimulation of reality.

Life surely gets inconveniently busy but as a guru once said when your too busy for meditation that is when you need it most. I have practiced with the Holosync technology using brainwave entrainment, my first experiences of Alpha entrainment was with Master Charles and from there I developed my own Mind Pursuit recordings with a technician from New Zealand who worked with the corporation Transparentcorp in the United States. I have a track available for free on my website called FLOW. Give it a try using headphones, it is in MP3 format.

I have recently downloaded the APP Buddhify 2 and given it a go and its a wonderful concept that allows you choose a guided meditation recording that runs for 15minutes. Guided voice overs for places and activities such as the park, exercising, walking in the city, on the computer, and even when you can’t sleep! It’s an urbanites dream!10157130_268026650024543_8350030041927150851_n

It costs $1.99USD and is money well spent in my books! Other than a great selection of meditation soundtracks that are updated and added to it also has a Stats page that allows you to record your progress, in coaching this is a great tool to tweak, adjust and become aware of  your practice for improvement. For example if I only lasted 8mins last time and had an average sessions, I can measure that against the next session if longer is better over the long term. There is a sweet spot in meditation, a point in which you surrender to the flow, when this can occur is different for everyone and monks who have practiced for eternity experience this in normal waking state.



If you’re new to meditation I recommend a seated position to begin, just till you learn to master the art of breathing and letting go of thought to bring your awareness back to breath. A mirror is great to use for focus and reflection on your posture and sometimes a seat with a back can support you. Some like to lay down or stand or dance, this is ok too. Do what works for you. Here is the traditional cross legged position, I’ve injured my hand and holding my iphone so obviously cant assume lotus.

I find just a relaxed seated position is effective for my meditations. Good luck and would love to hear any comments you have about your experiences or tips meditating.


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