The earth laughs in flowers!

Spring is a lovely Season reflective of rebirth, new growth and beginnings.
One could say it is a very mindful season but in truth all moments are a chance to cultivate beginners mind and experience growth. What this means is mindfulness invites you to discover ordinary moments with wholeheartedness.
It is easier to be mindful when the conditions are pleasant but a true quality of mindfulness doesn’t require conditions to be this way or that way for us to be ok.
In mindfulness we sit with what is here now and develop equanimity.

This concept was captured for me one morning when I arrived to work whilst living in Japan, I was in a trance watching a Zen Buddhist monk sweeping the grounds of a temple where I taught English to kinder children in Ogaki. Slowly and reverently engaged in the moment of activity he swept ever so gracefully like the broom, his body and the environment surrounding him were one, it looked effortless. Since that day I too have found sweeping my floor an opportunity to practice meditation and be present.

For some of us life is busy and stressful and it can be a challenge to remain present or get reprieve mentally which can lead to a sense of disconnection and even burnout and dysfunction. This is where an on-going practice of Mindfulness can be an effective and natural way to manage life’s ups and downs and experience more calm, connection and ease daily.

I would like to invite you to the 6 WEEK MINDFULNESS COURSE  I am running at Mindfulness Room to learn the skills and practice of evidence based Mindfulness. You will discover effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety and increase your self awareness. If you’re a couple you might like to come together or invite your partner to attend. Mindfulness can be a meaningful way to approach all your relationships, primarily your relationship with life.

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