Everywhere I wander lately I’m seeing journals and mindfulness books for creativity and self awareness. The Self Coaching Series workshop couldn’t come at a better time as Spring is just around the corner we are all invited to blossom into art journalling. At stores such as Dymocks CamberwellReadings Hawthorn, Typo, Eckersleys and Homing Instincts you can find many of the stationary materials, books and inspiration to get you started on your journal journey and thank you to them all for supporting our workshop series. Ask the ladies at the counter and they will guide you to the mindfulness and journalling products.

Today Melbourne Coach speaks with the inspiring creative coach Lauren Castillo who is jointly facilitating the SELF COACHING SERIES. Lauren is a creative coach, art therapist and will soon be exhibiting her Power Street Project, ‘Ground Finds’ at Hawthorn Art Centre and is the founder of Blossom Creativity.

To participate in the 3 hour workshop with Marion Miller  and Lauren Castillo and experience the wonders of journalling plus mindful body language in a small group join us on the 12/9 from 2-5pm at Anderson Park Community Meeting Room in Hawthorn East and get your ticket here. Everyone who attends gets a SELF COACHING JOURNAL of their very own to take home and will learn coaching and mindfulness tools though creativity, mindful body language and thought diary writing.


L A U R E N  C A S T I L L O  

Creative Coach | Blossom Creativity 


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1. What do you achieve when you’re journalling?

I love creative journaling because it helps me to give material form to things that are in my head. I often clarify thoughts, feelings and challenges I am experiencing as I journal in a creative way.

2. What is your favourite art medium for journalling and why?
I love experimenting with a whole range of materials! For me, exploring materials is half the fun of it! If I had to choose though, at the moment it would be my water colour paints and waterbrush pens 🙂 Previously I have really enjoyed using magazine cut outs and creating collages!

3. When is the best time to journal?
I like to carry my journal around with me and journal at cafes either before work or on my days off. I also like creative journaling with others and have participated in multiple creative journaling groups courses with Amanda Scott.
There is something magical about creating alongside others. It’s also great to make me JUST DO IT!.

Blossom into Art Journalling and book your ticket for the SELF COACHING SERIES to get the early bird special.

Editor: Marion Miller
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