NATURAL CHILD BIRTH: Nothing can prepare women for this amazing rite of passage but the simple act of being in tune with your body, knowing and mastering your mind, and understanding the role emotion can play in allowing and resisting the mechanics of natural childbirth will surely help!

Preparing for birth can be done with your partner in shared meditations that concentrate on your body sensations; deep breaths into the different parts of your outer and inner body will strengthen your relationship with your inner-self.

When the day arrives and labour commences, be relieved and happy your pregnancy has now come to end, welcome the next cycle and give thanks for the amazing body that has carried your baby thus far. The first stages of labour should be quiet, restful and full of things you find pleasurable and people you trust. Breathing, resting, movement can all help progress this phase into second stage labour.

At second stage you may find you can no longer sit down through contractions and will need to stand up, walk around or sway. The pain you will experience will be intense but remember it is an energy or experience that is transient, don’t become the pain by resisting it. This is a crucial ingredient to natural birth success. Psychologically allowing the pain and welcoming it because it is part of the process will keep you open to receiving the natural intelligence your body has in following the blueprint for how to do it. Breaths, swaying and smiling are all key in stopping the panic reflex. If you find your mouth is dry this is one sign of the onset of panic so stay lubricated by drinking water, laugh if need be and try to lighten your spirit, having distractions for in between contractions is great. Books, magazines, musics, photos of loved ones, anything!

Final stages of labour you will find yourself inevitably slip into your inner self naturally and become a little disconnected from the outside world. Each contraction will come on faster and harder and if you’re really aware of your body you feel the baby move down the birth cannel with each intense contraction. You will now feel the urge to push and using breath at this stage is awesome. As the contraction starts off take a deep breath and exhale as the full intensity of it sweeps over you, with exhale bare down and use the breath to help push the baby along. As the contraction wears off notice the way the baby pulls pack slightly, the key is to get the baby father down with each contraction but allowing the process not being attached to the outcome, it will pull back before coming down again. This two steps forward, one step back is found everywhere, it is the rhythm of life.

Our conditioned response to pain is to want it to end and you must abandon this idea if you want to birth naturally, reframing pain in labour to constructive pain surely helps and noticing when you give up, how much worse it really makes it. No doubt you will! As you resist a contraction, fall in a heap and refuse to do it naturally, notice this experience in contrast to allowing. Often it is the contrasting experience which gives you the strength and motivation to keep going, breathing, moving, smiling, focusing on what you love with such precision you mind is distracted from the physical pain and you can actually achieve mind over matter.

Then as they hand your baby you know this is life the way nature created it, through the most traumatic pain the sweetest love of all is experienced as so the maternal bond is formed.

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