There was a lot going on for me this week biologically (giggles), the girls had one of those non descript bugs that wasn’t quite a cold but there was a bit of a cough and rash and of course having four daughters is like constant bio-chemical warfare. My immune system is tough, not much is able to fight against and win.

But this week I felt quite tight in the muscles and noticed it building up in the shoulders, my cycle was nearing completion and while I don’t have horrible bouts of moodiness or PMS I do tend to be more vulnerable around that time and also more susceptible to other peoples disturbances. I have seen other women become a complete mess so I am grateful for getting through with minor abrasions.

I have suffered panic attacks quite acutely and my mother was once diagnosed with it as a disorder so my meditation and yoga have been a way for me to balance the hyper adrenaline energy my body can sometimes produce in overdrive mode!

Yesterday I took my stiff body off to yoga to get some what I like to call ‘blossoming’, anyone who practises knows that gorgeous luxurious feeling of being opened out and completely humble, in the moment and flowing like water, downstream.


Sure enough that is exactly what happened, I went to class, worked really, really hard with breath and body becoming congruent and observing at the same time the mental chatter that popped up as I allowed my body to stretch and hold while flooding the organism with pure oxygen.

All the stiffness in my muscles was elongated out, my blood flow was better, and the content of my psychology held in the muscles released like an emotional river into my system. I cried and I cried all afternoon. I now laugh writing this column for all this emotional content has now been released, it was very cleansing. Letting go.

Gosh I love being a woman. Not.

That is a lie, I wouldn’t have it any other way. With the effort to self love and care, we are afforded days where we can better understand what is going on for us and with an attitude of renewal and freshness we can shed bodies and minds and see the new day with new eyes. Beginners Mind is beautiful.


I like to think of my children, childlike, spirited, at one moment they are embracing life completely, fearless and at the next they are grieving for having to let go of something, attachment and non attachment, is a human condition. They are my teachers. And as adults we forget the cycle of birth and death is in everything we experience.

Wishing everyone a dynamic journey!



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