Beginners mind is a child-like curiosity you bring to your mindfulness experience when you recognise that no two moments are ever the same. I first heard about it when I studied Zen. Every moment is essentially brand new and no moment can ever be experienced again, in many ways we try to hold on to experience but it means we live our lives through memories attached to something that in truth has already passed. The birth and death cycle is a constant cycle of change present in the natural world.

Beginners mind is also supported by neuroscience which shows us evidence that mindfulness meditation practice can also strengthen new neural pathways in the brain, known widely as plasticity.

These new neural pathways can also help us regulate emotions and calm the nervous system, strengthening connectivity of the older and newer parts of the brain giving us more choice in life about how we respond and experience every moment.

Through the mindfulness meditation pathway we can be less reactive (old brain) and create a life intentionally conscious of our all our choices (new brain) bringing our heart and mind into the dynamic unfolding of the human experience.  

Being mindful we can intentionally mobalise our energy when we need and regulate it accordingly. This helps protect and conserve our energy and why through the mindfulness meditation pathway we can become more motivated and resilient; it allows us to cope better with all the ups and downs that come from modern life, be more engaged in our relationships and improve our performance.

Mindfulness is an innate human quality available to everyone.

Learn all the foundational mindfulness attitudes at The Mindful Workshop next Saturday and for two hours be introduced to mindfulness practice. Cost: $49 Register Here. 

Or go deep into Mindfulness in the 6 Week Mindfulness Course. Cost is $356 Starts September 27th and every Monday for 6 weeks (not including Melbourne Cup long weekend). Register Here via Eventbrite.

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