Addictive behaviour limits your potential in many ways as you become reliant on an external source for well-being, satisfaction and emotional security. Addictions come in all shapes and forms, drugs such as illegal and legal drugs, coffee, chocolate, food, gambling, shopping, sex, face book etc. An addiction is a psychological dependency on something and cause symptoms like guilt, shame, failure, rejection, fear, anxiety and even depression. Most people have some form of an addiction with sugar being the big drug of choice in modern society today!

Being aware how substances control you is really healthy, understanding the relationship between the substances and how it changes you biologically is the first step to breaking free from the chains of addiction. Focusing your mind on giving up an addiction will usually be unsuccessful because you are still focusing on the problem, a better strategy is to find a new focus or introduce a new habit and at the same time doing some soul searching, meditation, exercise and reflectional writing to better understand and process the issues that cause you pain. We normally use substances to make us feel better and remove unwanted symptoms from emotional or psychological damage caused in childhood.

Fear is the crux of addiction, facing fear square on is sometimes the hardest thing to do but also the most liberating. Humans tend to think we are free from fear but for many it exists either subtly or as a full fledged condition. We need to get to know our fear, befriend it, nurture it, to really let it go.

Some strategies for moving away from addictive behaviours are meditation and journal writing using a daily behavioural chart, plotting the times your most vulnerable, so to build up your awareness of the emotional states that lead to addictive behaviour. Asking yourself questions around the emotions will also bring about some psychological processing to help you uncover the discrepancies. Using creativity to place new values on the problem memories will help you move on.

Habit replacement is also good, sparking up your interest in a new subject to research, or exercise to take up like running, pilates or yoga, drinking a lot more water is also healthy and eating basic fresh food will help you detox from the addictive substance. Feeling the low is also necessary for you to move beyond the addiction, being ok with the pain and being patient that the feeling will pass.

Be gentle on your self, humans are incredibly sensitive beings and nurturing the mind, body and spirit with love will help you improve yourself in the ways you seek. Using addictive substances to replace opportunities for self-growth is limiting your true potential and creating a continual source of frustration for yourself. The motivation for change can only come from within or when another person uplifts you enough that you recognise a better way to exist, and still you need to open to the entrainment or it will also cause unlimited frustration.

Take one step at a time toward wellness and never give up, if you make a mistake, don’t spiral backward, see it as an opportunity to become more resilient and to try harder. The more you can move away from addictive behaviours the more empowered you will become to create your life the way you truly wish.

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