Creativity that doesn’t make money is just a hobby, innovation must be focused and purposeful. To make money artistically you need to tie your ‘art’ to business goals and more importantly processes.


Commercial talk is often absent from artistic circles and if you want to make it as an artist you need to know business. Good news is it can be learned like any subject and talent in this area can be developed. Everyone has different styles of making money but here are some tips for you.

  • How about instead of producing art for free you spent that time building systems to increase your customer database and offer them your art and services for a value that is worth it for you and allows you to maintain the process of creation.  Build an audience who love what you do, use technology to communicate what you do and find out more about what they value through interaction online, then finally let those who love spend lots of money on what you do. I know it is easier said than done but can you imagine doing what you love for free and being unpaid and struggling to maintain the ability to do what you love or instead you began spending that time establishing systems to promote what you do and building an interested database and communicating how your art will make their lives better. At the same time producing your art and using the result to communicate to others why this is an amazing service they need to be a part of.
  • Use various income streams, for example you may like exhibit your art for a fee, at the same time sell your art on the internet, art is profession that lacks traditional security and benefits so it’s useful to rely on multiple income streams. Commercial, online, art sales, services, speaking gigs, teaching, commissions and collaborations. By dabbling in many pools for income you will soon discover which is the most lucrative.
  • Being eccentric or weird is probably a bad idea for most jobs but it can be seen as asset in the artists life. You will probably find your audience values your abnormality. To sell your art and ideas you need to grab your viewers attention and it is good cultivate an aesthetic that is remarkably your own to do so. Hugely successful artists like Picasso, Dali, Monet, Rembrandt and Warhol to name a few all have one thing in common, their styles are very different. After viewing their works you can distinctively tell which one belongs to who. Artists who work to build a brand around their name have more opportunities to engage various projects, people need to associate a name with an artists style and if do so their is more opportunity to engage a wider audience.
  • Lastly the mindset is important, don’t however fall in the trap to thinking it is just about wishing for money to come your way. Being a successful artists is also about accepting the unconventional lifestyle and challenges it gives you. You need to independently charter your own career path, tolerate criticism and have the drive to persist. Living your life as artist comes with many perks, travel, freedom and full power over your business decisions and creative choices.

There is no clear path to success, the road is often structure-less and while some find that unnerving others will thrive. Being an artists is an organic business model, one that you have allow to evolve.


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