What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is awareness, with attention, in the present moment, on purpose—and with an attitude or intentional stance of nonattached equanimity. Through the practice of bringing a specific type of attentional quality to the present moment experience awareness begins to emerge and the capacity for whole-hearted presence.

The biggest misconceptions about mindfulness meditation is that we are meant to stop thoughts and empty the mind or that it is just cold attention training or concentration. What we can notice with mindfulness is just how busy or distracting our thoughts can be and how identified we are with our thoughts.

By returning our attention intentionally on an object or field of sensory experience, the awareness that emerges gives us space to observe with stillness. The inquiry and mindfulness coaching helps you navigate your practise with the correct attitudes of mindfulness and it enables you to self-regulate emotionally and respond from a space of greater wisdom.

Watch my three minute introductory video introducing evidence based mindfulness.

How can I learn Mindfulness with Melbourne Coach?

• 8 Week Coaching Programs

• 2 hour Mindfulness Workshop

• Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) 8 Weeks

Workplace mindfulness programs for Organisations

I have tried meditation in the past- many years ago. I remembering finding it difficult then, to silence my mind and focus “on the candle”. When I discovered Marion’s website I knew this was going to be a different approach to traditional meditation and that the scientific approach appealed to me.

I consider myself somewhat spiritual but I am still governed by my analytical side” the need to understand the process and the outcome- ultimately my need to control my environment”

From my 6 weeks with the class- I pushed aside the need to control and the frustration to perfect the process..and allowed myself to settle into the moment, no judgement, no criticism and no assessment” these are the key pillars to being present.

Once I adopted the process of Mindfulness, I become more aware of myself and the triggers to stress, empowering me at work and with managing situations- ultimately gaining more control”

I am committed to incorporating mindfulness into my routine and strongly recommend Marion’s 6 week session to all those that lead corporate and busy lifestyles.

Georgia Falcke

Media Manager/Director , My Media Garden

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