The Vision

We believe in creating authentic experiences and inspiring the ‘whole person’ potential. We achieve this through mindfulness based coaching that develops your awareness, emotional intelligence, authentic self-leadership to achieve workplace optimisation, thriving business and personal relationships.

Our services focus on developing mindful awareness, career and business, leadership vision, emotional intelligence, relationships, performance and wellness.

Our workplace programs positively develop employees at different levels within and across the organisation and provide leadership coaching to help champion and integrate a culture of wellbeing. 

Our personal and professional programs enable you to tap into the resourcefulness within to help change lives, grow stronger communities and a better world.


The Founder

Marion Miller is a Certified Life Coach & Mindfulness teacher, with an entrepreneurial spirit she founded Melbourne Coach in 2007. The daughter of a German immigrant and cattle farmer from King Island; Marion’s life started in country Tasmania. She’s had her share of personal challenges to face growing up but has developed greater levels of resiliency, compassion and leadership through the mindfulness pathway.  Marion is passionate about mindfulness, coaching and holistic living, she is a published author, artist, mum of four girls and loves the beach!

Marion has 15 years experience in Coaching (previously Mindfulness Room, EvolvedMe and The Life Coaching Forum) and is a member of the ICF and Meditation Australia. With an integrative approach Marion develops, co-ordinates and facilitates coaching programs for workplaces and individuals. 

Marion was awarded a Diploma certification in Life Coaching from The Life Coaching Institute of Australia with a speciality in Health/Wellness and Business. She trained to teach meditation with Melbourne Meditation Centre in 2009 and did Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction/Cognitive Therapy teacher training with MTIA in 2016-17. Marion is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching) at ACAP.

Marion has attended Insight Buddhist retreats with experienced Dharma teachers Bob Stahl and Subhana Barzaghi, she did Mindful Self Compassion core skills training with Christopher Germer and Kathleen Cator in 2017. Informal mentorship with Arian Young, Psychologist friend Simonne Jameson PhD and Entrepreneur/visionary Dr Paul Boxer have all influenced her life and work. 

Marion published her first book ‘Mindfulness Workbook’ on Amazon in 2016 and has a series of Binaural beats Meditation music tracks developed by an expert in entrainment technology. Marion founded a Face Book group for mindfulness teachers called International Mindfulness Collective and is a member of the Mindful Schools Melbourne network. She’s recently launched MelbourneCoachTV 

Marion lives and practices in Hawthorn, Melbourne.