7 steps to wellness grew from wanting to share some of the daily habits I believe contribute to overall health and wellness and help those struggling to find the tools to make lasting improvement to their lives. The steps seem very simple but these habits lead to results in wellbeing, happiness and health, when you foster self love you can create a well spring for yourself and inspire others.

We make life complex and complicated but true wellness in life is simple and effective. It’s the less is more approach, a minimalist way to turn around all the negativity and un-useful behaviours from life so that your body, mind and emotions are performing at their peak and life is flourishing inside you and around you. Doing this for you inspires others to join you on a path to healing and re-claiming your health, however the motivation needs to be intrinstic.

The 7 steps to Wellness program cultivates living mindful of your mind, body and emotional well-being and you can begin today, by replacing any of your negative or useless habits to one of these seven wellness habits. Using the replacement systems you don’t feel like you are losing anything, your mind is not focussed on removing, but rather adding something new, a new habit that will change the trajectory of your life from the inside out. The more you can tick off the list the faster you will accelerate your wellness journey.

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Wellness is a lifestyle and changing habits can sometimes bring up fear, bother those who are invested in you not being your full potential and so congratulate yourself when you become aware that you have successfully taken the first steps. Humans have mechanisms to prevent change, they are primordial triggers that warn us of unfamiliar territory and can often thwart growth, the new spaces won’t be familiar and we resort to bad habits that numb our fear and pain. There is no easy away around this but by being mindful you can use logic to determine what is real and what is imagined fear and self saboatge. Letting yourself feel whatever comes up for you in the moment allows the feeling to pass quickly, we run into trouble when we start to suppress and avoid our feelings because they build up within the body and make our cells toxic.

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Struggling with achieving the full seven steps? Why not get a Wellness Coach or buddy to help?

Having someone make you accountable and reminding you of why you want to make these changes in the first place helps, it means you expose your true desire to address what isn’t working and with that comes vulnerability but it makes the path easier and the chances of it being successful greater with support. A problem shared is a problem halved and avoiding those who enable the old limiting patterns is really key in the early stages of change.

Lastly working with Melbourne Coach can help you overcome limiting beliefs that come up or behavioural patterns to cultivate lasting change, with coaching space we can explore your approach to behavioural change, develop individual tools and techniques to stop self sabotage and ideally 6 weeks is a good amount time to get stuck into a wellness program with a Coach to shift into top gear and establish on-going movement.

For a FREE introductory Wellness Coaching session (T&C apply) contact Marion or join the Melbourne Coach Club




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