The beginning of the weekend is a valuable time to drop down gears if you’ve had a busy, stressful week. Next month I am running a Saturday retreat called Wellbeing Urban Retreat and invite you to register for a day of Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Wellness Coaching.
If you don’t take time out for yourself, you’ll eventually find you absorb stress and after awhile it can have negative impacts on mental and physical health not to mention the quality of your life. I am sure many of you have experienced anxiety or know someone who has and that’s is only one manifestation of stress. But weaving space into life for your self care will help you keep the balance.

Some of the contributors to stress are:

• Excessive coffee, wine or stimulants including sugar

• Work, the Internet, excessive social media and digital distractions

• The news and negative media

• The monkey mind, reptilian brain, negative thinking, ruminating on past or fantasising about the future

• Multi-tasking

• Keeping up with Jones’ and doing too much. The glorification of busy

• Not nurturing taking care of your body with sleep, good food and exercise
As you can see we all suffer from some of these or many of these lifestyle elements, myself at times included. Society is cultured around many of these lifestyle elements being the norm, but if you don’t take stock, it can drain your energy and before long you’ll be feeling the chronic impacts of stress.
In the past I have made transformative life changes that provided a whole new way to relate to my life and the skill of Mindfulness has been instrumental in me being less anxious, learning to really live in the present moment and letting the rest go. It’s not a quick fix but rather a skill everyone can learn and practice!
Here’s some ways you can be more present with mindfulness and help reduce the impact of everyday stress on your mind and body:
• Practice Mindfulness for 30 minutes
• Slow down and take more care in everything you do, including the ordinary dish washing!
• Pay attention to your thoughts and realise you’re not everything you think. Be wiser in choosing what thoughts to identify with that support growth.
• Take deep breaths periodically and check into your body sensations, feeling tones, mind states, field of experience
• Drink a cup of tea slowly and reverently using all your senses curiously
• Accept yourself right now, exactly as you in all your imperfection
• Forgive, reframe if need be and draw meaning from past hurts and failures

Easier said than done but all I can say is practice, practice, practice. In person is a more effective way to learn Mindfulness because of the interpersonal qualities and expert guidance.  The Wellbeing Urban Retreat is full of nurturing activities and skill development and you can really grow your self care strategy with the wellness coaching approach. It’s the first time I am bringing in all my recent teacher training and self-compassion core skills training to help you integrate some of these strategies into your own personal lives. It’s experiential learning so the day will be a wonderful, luxurious chance to rest and rejuvenate. A fabulous nutritious morning tea will be provided from our local cafe and we’ll be practising mindful eating for this too!

REGISTER today and I’ll even give you a copy of the Mindfulness Workbook to take home!

Have a good weekend,

Marion X

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