Being well as we can be requires effort to maintain lifestyle balance. Here’s 6 coaching tips that help!

1. Meditate everyday. Morning is a good time to take a moment to tune in. You deserve to be heard so listen carefully.
2. Drink water and reduce coffee. Coffee is a stimulant, if you replace it with water you will clear away toxins and energy will increase.
3. Get moving. Exercise to the point you get your heart rate up at least once a day. Feel into your body as it moves.
4. Examine your relationship with food. Eat as raw as possible, small portions, a well balanced diet and slow down to chew, taste and be present for meals.
5. Connect and nurture loving relationships, know what you need and begin by giving to yourself. Build relationships balanced on common ground, authenticity, savour the good times and hold space during challenges if you can.
6. Get quality sleep. Make a bed time ritual that honours your need to unwind and rest, uncluttered your bedroom, remove distractions and make sure there is good air quality, comfort and the feel of an inner sanctuary for you to retreat daily.

To work on your wellness, relationships, career and leadership qualities enquire about the one-on-one Mindfulness based Life Coaching Program today.

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