Happy Mothers Day, this is a great time to write a blog and share with you 5 Mindful Mum Coaching tips especially for mothers. You might be curious about mindfulness or even know someone special who is a mum you’d like to share this with. All mums are special and today is your day we celebrate you!

As you probably know I am a single mum of four daughters and a cat and not a day goes by where I have to stop and be grateful for the privilege of raising the girls and the gift that is motherhood. Sure I wrestle with mother guilt, personal time and my other mother demons but for me it’s mostly a wondrous journey of love and healing and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The relationships I have with them are continuously blossoming and the challenges have been opportunities for insight. I have learned so much about my own childhood through being a mum and I have also learned to be more gentle on myself.

As mums we often put ourselves last, can be quite hard on ourselves and our job is one that lasts a lifetime, that’s right we don’t clock off at 6pm and on at 9am, it’s 24/7. Mindfulness practice can help make the journey into and through motherhood a little less stressful and much more meaningful and free of the pressures from social stereotypes. Through my mindfulness practice I have not only become a more patient and kinder mother but I have held space for my children to develop their own sense of mindfulness and identity. Mindful mothers create ripples and your practice benefits all.

Let me share you with you 5 Mindful Mum Coaching tips:

1. If you feel yourself getting frustrated or reactive to a situation, step backwards. Focus on your breath and let your attention move inward to your body and deliberately allow your shoulders to drop and knees to be slightly bent. Be curious about the reactivity feels in the body even if it is negative just be with it without acting on it.

2. Whenever you feel you have taken on too much or being pulled in too many different directions get out your calendar and deliberately cancel plans. Look at what plans engage your values and strengths and those that don’t try to either reschedule, cancel if can or integrate them into other plans that are more fulfilling. This is because activities that engage strengths will not use up much energy and quite often if you value it, it will give you energy. Create some space for yourself and you’ll be surprised about how less can actually be more, be sure to spend time alone.

3. Allow yourself to enjoy your time and be present with your children. Be mindful you’re not being somewhere else in your mind when you interact with your children, it is hard not to be worried about something urgent or thinking about what needs to be packed for school, or remembered for the week ahead at work and this type of thinking can become habitual if left unchecked. If you find your mind wandering gently bring your attention back to the present moment using anchors to remind you.

4. Don’t be hard on yourself. If you’re stressed and tired and find you’re not managing things as well as you would like try not to judge yourself over it. Often mums don’t get rewarded for their constant effort and work and sometimes we can be our own worst critic. Try being a little gentle with yourself, smiling and acknowledging what a great job you do in raising children, managing a home and career. Be self-compassionate and reward yourself with loving kindness.

5. Practice self care mindfully. How you take care of your mind, body and emotional self can be quite personal but having a self care strategy that you’re proud and committed to maintain will ensure you are not neglecting to look after number 1 and by doing this you will be able to sustain caring and raising your children. If you don’t have a self-care strategy begin by writing five things you can do that rejuvenate and nurture you and put one at least in your calendar for next week! Prioritise sleep, eating well, exercise and mindfulness practice every week.

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mums and I hope you are all spoilt today and appreciated every day. To celebrate mothers day I am giving away a copy of my new book to all Mums who book in for the Mindful Life Coaching Program or Personal Mindfulness Program next week. Give your mum the gift that keeps on giving.

Marion x



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