5 Practices for Mindful Awakening is an antidote for the fast pace of modern life and we all feel the toll it takes on us- there is never enough time! Doing a full day retreat helps you get into the habit of resting and valuing your self care time which in turn gives your whole life spaciousness but when you go back to the real world you will notice straight away that everyone is zooming around and often automatically.

We need to make a mindful effort to remain awake and not absorb the stress that comes with modern living styles, not be captured by the allure of the vast commercial world trying to persuade this way or that or react to other peoples ideas about what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Taking days for our self to slow down, reflect and go inward to become aware of ourselves and what truly matters in our lives can be pivotal in increasing our ability to awaken.

The Mindful Women’s Workshop is an opportunity I have created for the community to do that and I will be teaching some valuable skills to maintain mindful practice in everyday life, giving you the opportunity to experience different forms of practice, as well as encouraging you to explore ways to simplify your life. The early bird special is available now with a $20 discount.

Today’s blog explores five tips I use daily to awaken myself mindfully, it’s beneficial if you notice yourself being reactive or feeling a slump in energy and is a great pick me up. Don’t try them all at once but rather approach it curiously as you give one a go each day this week and see if you can notice any changes, you can record any observations in your journal.

5 Practices for Mindful Awakening

1. Look up! When you’re feeling stuck with something take a moment to look upward. Let your body relax with some deep breaths and follow the space that is above your head. This brings immediate spaciousness into your awareness.

2. Go Barefoot! If you find your mind is cycling through some thoughts you can’t seem to shake, take your shoes off and try walking on the bare earth. Slowly begin to notice each toe and the base of your foot as it makes contact with the ground. This practice is very grounding, so to speak!

3. Curious as a cat! If you find yourself in conflict, try on a child-like curiosity and begin to asks questions rather reacting angrily. You may discover new creative ways to manage roadblocks and achieve resolution.

4. Tea Ceremony! Use your morning tea or coffee break as a mindfulness practice. Scan through all your senses as you drink. Explore touch, taste, smell, sounds as you sip and savour your cuppa.

4. Listen like a cow! When someone begins to talk to you, rather than thinking about your response while they’re talking try whole hearted listening. Be a loving and kind space for the person to express themselves. Wide eyes, eye contact, smile and full attention as the other person communicates.

These 5 practices for mindful awakening will surely awaken you to the present moment. Give one a go today and see if you can bring these into everyday life. Want to know more ways to awaken and practice mindfulness in a community? Join us on 4/6 in Hawthorn for Mindful Women’s Workshop a full day for Mindfulness Practice, Self Care and Interpersonal Learning to reduce stress and awaken you to the present moment.

Marion X


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