Study is like taking a journey usually with a map provided and prior knowledge of what is involved in its entirety to achieve an outcome. Taking that first step can often be overwhelming if your course expands over years or it might be less daunting if it is an informal interest you have decided to pursue.

Either way the study journey can be maximized and enjoyed immensely through following some practical guidelines and tips to make the most of the learning experience.


Here is a FREE study guide to help you become a smarter student!

1. Make sure your study space is clear of rubbish, clutter and distractions. More space and fewer objects will ensure you remain focused on the task at hand.

2. Fill your study space with objects that promote a calm self, for example scented candles, paintings or photographs that inspire you, pleasant lighting, colours that make you feel safe and comfortable.

3. Have a planner that is large enough to space out your week with colour coded texta or post it notes so you know your schedule ahead of time and plan your other activities knowing the study goals are taken care of. Have this somewhere in your environment that is visible every day, especially in the morning.

4. Meditation before study helps slow the brainwaves down to access the Beta and Alpha states where thinking and creativity are maximized. Using Meditation Audio can also help the mind stay in the Alpha state longer improving focus and mental clarity.

5. Get organized prior to a study session. Either the night before or lead up to study make sure you have all the tools and resources you need to make your study session successful. Writing down the mini goals in a diary the night before will help you gather everything you need to maximize your session time.

6. Take breaks during your study session, hours and hours of study without any short breaks in-between produces robotic type mindset and sometimes you will find yourself stuck on an issue. If this is the case, step back and shift focus. By doing so you often find the next step is revealed from the sub-conscious mind without you needing to try.

7. Snacks and refreshments are important during study time, popcorn, sultanas, and nuts plus fresh water all keep hunger at bay and provide a nice balance of natural goodness to keep your energy up and mind engaged.

8. Understand your motivations so that you can pump yourself up prior to study, what is it you want to achieve? What will the completion of this study mean to you? Try and fill the space of you already having achieved it and feel how it feels to you. This will give your study plan meaning.

9. Get up and move! Have a collection of your favorite dance videos close by and in-between get up and shake your booty, get the blood pumping and the energy moving.

10. Create a ‘Art board’ with quotes, images and colours that inspire, motivate and empower you. Be sure to capture the meaning behind you taking a study course and what goals you hope to eventually reach by doing so, it doesn’t matter if it changes, just swap the images and add new ones. Think of your ‘Art board’ as an interactive map for life!

11. Know you’re learning style and engage it, you might be auditory, tactile or visual; make sure your environment engages your senses and your study resources do also. Gone are the days of books being the only way to learn, we now have downloadable pod casts, ebooks, audio books, interactive public learning displays and more, make use of them.

12. Balance your study with the rest of your life. If it is all about study and nothing else you life will become unbalanced. Make sure you engage all areas of life and prioritize time for each aspect, this way your motivation will last longer and your learning will be more evenly spread across the different areas of life. Remember academic learning is only one avenue for gaining knowledge and life can offer different forms of learning when you are on the lookout.

13. Lastly if you’re serious about achieving some remarkable study goals get a Coach. Working with a Coach will help you reflect the study journey and what you need to keep up motivation and achieve the results you’re after in a faster and easier way. Remember two heads are better than one so engage Coaches and mentors to help you along the journey!

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