Let’s get the party started, last hours of 2012 are upon us and Maz is reflective and hanging out for an appropriate time to open a bottle and be merry! Oh shit its gone midday, cheers BIG ears!

What an amazing year it has been, the highlights have been the development of my four beautiful daughters who I am eternally grateful, one is fast becoming a fashionista/rap star queen/creative writer, the other a sporty/girly girl/maths lovin, another a creative/artist/hyppo maniac and lastly a cutsie/diva bubba, Naomzzzzz!


I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to travel OS twice, once to the ancient city of ROMA, where i was adored by hunky Roman men, rode on the back of Vespa, served wine and serenaded at the local Trattoria, sailed the Mediterranean with speedo wearing Swiss men and walked the ancient streets with an archaeologist! !

Italy 931

Back to NYC to see my man who has singularly been one the biggest influences on my life earlier this year, walked the streets in search of fascinating people, drank latte every morning with people from all corners of the globe, explored new regions of city soaking up the history with native New Yorker Matty B, walked dogs, fed cats, rescued a ferret from inside a kitchen wall and partied like a rock star!


Business has grown steadily and continued to expand the vision ahead of the current climate and taken on new projects and keeping the ideas fresh and flowing. Melbourne Face and Space was born after I decided its time to share my journey and do what I love, the perfect social outlet for a curious human researcher.


Art has been flowing well, and created at least five painting this year and inspired by the art I have had the privilege to view in the galleries and museums overseas. My writing has also developed and enjoyed creative blogging and would like to give a special thanks to Mia T for guest Blogging and to the wonderful people I’ve interviewed this year, your contributions all make MazSpa an aMAZing platform for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and art.


So we wind up the year with celebrations, excessive alcohol, glitter dust, balloons and fireworks and the DJ’s will be sharing the love vibe to all as you dance your way into 2013 and where-ever you are in the world make sure your wearing a smile and not much else, hehehehe!!!!!!!

Stay Safe and Much Love & Life,


Maz x

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