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Life Coaching and Mindfulness Melbourne based in Hawthorn.

Marion helps clients develop self awareness and confidence in their relationships, career pathways or business growth.  Coaching or Mindfulness sessions provide a space to take time out from the constant striving of modern life; enabling you to identify and leverage your personal strengths, identify your core values and learn valuable mindfulness life skills for wellbeing that enable you to work and live meaningfully. Join a Mindfulness Drop-in Class or private Life Coaching Programs and take control of your life.  Located in the Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne Coach is a certified Life Coaching and Mindfulness Melbourne practice dedicated to helping you live well.

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  • Develop calmness and clarity
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase happiness
  • Develop emotional resiliency
  • Be less reactive
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Manage pain

Join our weekly Mindfulness Drop-in class! Mindfulness is an evidence based practice that improves the connectivity in the brain, the ability to emotionally regulate and improves overall health and wellbeing. Companies such as Google, Twitter and Apple teach staff and hospitals and schools are starting to teach also. It’s the skilful practice of being aware in the present moment, non-judgementally to the emerging of experience.

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Life Coaching                  



  • Develop your confidence
  • Identify values and find purpose
  • Have better relationships
  • Reduce stress and negative thoughts
  • Action Goals with support
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Crafting vision

Life Coaching allows you to unpack thought patterns and look at challenges from different perspectives and approach them mindfully. Coaching facilitates a process where you can align your values and strengths with your behaviour and develop greater ability to make successful life choices, enhance your relationships and develop meaningful career and business pathways. In coaching the aim is improve your sense of whole life balance.


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The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes ~ Marcel Proust.

Marion Miller

Marion Miller

Certified Life Coach & Mindfulness Teacher

Marion Miller is a Certified Life Coach & Mindfulness teacher passionate about helping people live purposeful lives. With a combination of Mindfulness and Coaching techniques she helps clients be more present, overcome challenges, reduce stress and develop a growth mindset. Marion is also a published author, mum of four and loves the beach!

“Marion was introduced to me at the most perfect time! I had recently taken over my business and was loaded with passion and ideas, yet there seemed to be absolutely no structure or order to how I was running things at that time. I felt totally out of balance between my role as a professional and as a mother. I needed coaching! I mentioned to Marion in my final coaching session last week that my head was like a box full of ideas and through working with her, I was able to empty that box and give those ideas structure whilst also finding more clarity in the direction I am heading both professionally and personally. Marion, you’re amazing! THANK YOU”

Bianca Trainer

CEO Blue Sky Fitness, Telstra Business Women's Nominee 2015, Blue Sky Fitness

“My favourite takeaway from the session was ‘doing vs being’ ‘Do-ing referring to doing activities in auto-pilot mode. ‘Be-ing’ referring to being present when we do these activities. Today I choose the latter and now on my journey to being in the present! Thank you Melbourne Coach for a great workshop!”



Miss Jackson


“I found myself in a privileged position at work. I wanted to work to the best of my ability and keep up my motivation and level of functioning at work to ensure I performed well and continued to keep the door open into new opportunities at work. But found other areas of my life were suffering from some neglect. I was giving all my energy to work and not enough to me, being consumed with worry about my performance and that I was doing the best I could do.

 Marion helped me to understand the things that are important to me and helped me to focus some attention on those things to get some balance back in my life. She also helped me to realise that my worry was wasted energy, and I soon realised that everything was always better than I thought it was going to be. I would be worrying about situations, live the reality of the situation and realise things were always OK. I now know that while my worry is good to keep me on the right track, I am actually doing better than I give myself credit for.

I was also having trouble with a colleague. I would go home consumed with negative feelings from the encounters I’d had with her. Marion helped me to recognise that I had control of how I felt during these encounters and the relationship has improved, I am no longer giving her the energy I need to reserve for myself and for giving love to my family.

I am grateful for the assistance Marion has given me and I’m sure I will be seeing her again in the future. It really helps that have someone help you understand your situation from an objective point of view.”

Jennifer Howard

Nursing Manager , Eastern Health

Life coaching and Mindfulness Melbourne Q & A

What is involved in Life Coaching?

We begin by doing an assessment to work out where you’re at now and where you want to be. This gives some background so the first session can go straight into coaching. Life Coaching is a process to uncover your resources and develop strategies to live well. You receive a workbook to guide the process, a follow up email between sessions and free admission to Wednesdays Mindfulness class. Mindfulness is also weaved into the life coaching sessions if the client is interested.

What is involved in Mindfulness Sessions?

In Mindfulness sessions we combine learning the theory of mindfulness with guided practice and move toward developing your own confidence in a self-guided practice. We explore the mind, body, breath, emotions and movement practice and work through a workbook and structured home-based mindfulness practice. The sessions will allow you to establish a practice and helped you develop the skills to navigate your practice wisely.

What does it cost?

Single sessions cost $140 per hour or if you book in packages of 6 or 12 you receive a discount, student discount is available with concession card. Mindfulness Drop-in Class on Wednesday is $20 Reg $15 Students, no booking is required.

How many sessions? 

Most clients do a full 6 week packages because it takes at least a month to experience significant change of habits. You will experience the benefits in the first session and can decide afterwards if you wish to continue.

Where do I attend sessions?

Sessions are done in private practice at 365 Burwood road Hawthorn or via Skype if you prefer to work online but you’ll need a functional headset and camera. Telephone coaching is also available.

Payment Methods.

Melbourne Coach accepts Cash, Direct Debit  or PayPal. Invoices provided and cancellation fee may apply.

Why Melbourne Coach?

Marion has worked personally with clients for 10 years, her mindful approach is genuine, heartfelt and she draws from the wisdom gained from a lifetime of curiosity on how to live and work authentically. Marion doesn’t just work as a Life Coach and Mindfulness teacher, this approach is her lifestyle and she is passionate about helping her clients discover how to best live their one and only lives. She has an established personal Mindfulness practice and also practices her own personal and professional development to ensure she continues to walk the talk. Marion’s has designed 6 week life coaching and mindfulness packages to work with a structured program that gets results.

Mindfulness_WorkBook_Front_CoverMarion’s new book!

Mindfulness Workbook reveals simple, yet powerful ways to reduce your stress and be more present in your life, day to day. This 8-week guide takes you through activities that promote your self-acceptance, happiness, and wellbeing. BUY NOW

It will be your daily go-to nourishment for living a more balanced life, taking back control of your emotions and encouraging positive thinking.

Based on a collective approach, a 20-year personal mindfulness practice, research and study into many meditation pathways including Zen Buddhism, Secular Mindfulness, MBSR and Body/Breath meditation, Mindfulness Workbook is infused with wisdom and easy to follow activities.

Melbourne Coach